The best decision we've ever made. Tag Marketing met or exceeded every benchmark.

Jack Hoedeman, CEO
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We spent way too much money in the past with big companies, and have never received the quality of service and results that we received from Tag Marketing.

Ned & Genta Halimi, Owners
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COVID-19 Marketing Case Study

Pure N Natural Systems

Y-O-Y growth from March to May 2020


Y-O-Y growth from March-May 2020 during the worst part of the COVID-19 pandemic



Year-Over-Year growth January-April 2020



Increase in transactions



Increase in average order value

eCommerce Case Study- National B2B Wholesaler

Online Marketing Case Study Only. Doesn't Include Offline Sales (Trade Shows, Walk-ins & Phone Orders).

eCommerce online marketing case study

$10,000 / year in online sales to...

$100,000 / Month

$25:1 ROI

bags of money

I have come to rely and depend on Tag Marketing to help grow my business. As a small business owner, I have a million marketing ideas, but am wearing too many hats to focus on just one plan. That’s why I rely on Tag Marketing to handle so many of my marketing projects like catalogs, sales promotions, weekly email blast, contests giveaway’s, website marketing and social media.

Google Shopping Ads Case Study- Air Purification & Water Filtration Industry

Both residential and commercial customers targeted

For Every $1 Spent

We Returned $51.49

"We've worked with several marketing agencies. However, we struck GOLD when we found Tag! They've been extremely attentive... really digging into our business and our customer base. They understand what we need for growth and know exactly how to implement what works. We highly recommend Chris, Carm and the entire Tag Team."

- Brenda Roy

Google Shopping Ads case study

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Lead Generation - Insurance Agency

Online Marketing Case Study. Doesn't Include Assisted Offline Sales & Renewals.

lead generation marketing case study for insurance company

$25:1 ROI

New Visitors



Old: 4,663 Visitors

New: 11,439 Visitors




Old: 1.47% Conv Rate

New: 3.29% Conv Rate




Old: 245 Leads

New: 804 Leads

Insurance Industry is HIGHLY Competitive!

Reputation Management - Home Repair Services

Yelp review case studies
Google+ review case studies
Facebook review case studies
Better Business Bureau case studies
Reputation Management case study

1.3 Stars Across 4 Major Review Companies To...

4.2 Stars

Rapid Growth - B2B Software as a Service (SaaS)

12 Month Marketing Case Study.

website lead generation statistic for case study
Rapid Growth bounce rate statistic for case study


Month-Over-Month Growth

$41:1 ROI


12 Month Automation Case Study. From 2019 to 2020

Influenced Contacts


Automation accounted for 33.8% of total marketing Influenced Contacts

Closed Deals


Automation accounted for 43.7% of total marketing Closed Deals

Influenced Revenue


Automation accounted for 40.3% of total marketing Influenced Revenue

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