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The Best Brands Are Local Brands…If You Can Find Them

Finding a business closest to the user is where our Google My Business (GMB) optimization services come into play. Now known as a Google Business Profile (GBP), it is a very accessible, easy-to-find profile that Google gives a solid amount of priority and real estate to on their page one of search results. Especially on a mobile device.

Take Starbucks for instance, a global brand, but customers only care about the Starbucks nearest to them. Right? You wouldn’t drive 30-minutes for a Starbucks coffee if there’s a closer location 10-minutes away or another good coffee place within 5-minutes if you were in a hurry. So don’t expect your customers too.

How much do local customers care about your business or even know it exists? This problem is the same for established businesses as well as start-ups.

You need 2 things. One, you have to be the top listing on Google which requires optimization. And two, you have to capture customers looking to do business locally which requires a premium and accurate profile.

Tag Marketing Puts You On Google Maps

A Google My Business Profile helps drive local shoppers to your website with pre-click conversions before anyone even looks at your contact info, and also to your actual storefront. “Where to buy” and “near me” are some of the most used mobile search queries.

It’s a tool that highlights your key business attributes to connect with potential local customers easily. Tag Marketing manages and optimizes your GMB or GBP to better showcase your business and improve local organic search traffic. If you operate a brick-and-mortar store or if you are an online vendor where knowing local conditions is a competitive advantage, the importance of a premium Google Business Profile can’t be overstated.

Location, Location, Location

Build A Sense Of Place That Places You On Top

Google My Business Profile is a separate listing within Google’s search engine that shows your business location on a map along with your business hours, phone number, address, website, reviews, photos, and so much more. Think of it as an interactive phone book listing or an enhanced digital business card.

It’s easy (and free) to set up a basic Google profile for your business. Sure, you could do this yourself. What’s not so easy, and what you probably don’t have the time or expertise for, is optimizing your Google My Business Profile to ensure high rankings and higher conversions.

It requires SEO (search engine optimization) techniques leveraged with a location-based strategy to showcase your top products and services, personalized with trustworthy 3rd party reviews, pertinent images and videos, special events and promotions, even chat with customers and provide key FAQs.

At the same time, you can collect important intelligence, such as what users do even before they click to your website, to further improve your local search results and better connect with customers.

Automations Influenced Revenue


of people who search on their smartphones for something nearby visit a business within a day.

Growth Month-Over-Month


of those searches for something nearby result in a purchase.

With Tag Marketing, You Can’t Get Lost

Getting found on local search isn’t just a matter of being, well, local. Or just by filling out your Google Business Profile.

Keywords, positive reviews, mitigating damages from bad reviews, posting updates, events, and special promotions, FAQs with answers, etc all contribute to helping Google “understand” your business and, most importantly, rank your business in the top position.

When customers search for local businesses, especially if they are searching on their smartphones, they aren’t likely to look further than the #1 or #2 results. Tag Marketing agency helps make sure local customers needn’t look any further to find your business.

Google My Business Optimization Services & Profile Management

Tag Marketing optimizes your Google Business Profile information to generate local traffic with top rankings that lead to continued growth and enhance your profile as a local business valued by its customers.

We manage the entire process, soups-to-nuts. This first encompasses claiming your profile or gaining access to it (takes about a week), personalizing it and optimizing it, employing keyword research and copywriting to boost local Google “findability.”

While we manage the entire process, you receive regular reports on results achieved, with recommended strategies to further improve your local search results and grow your business.

Tag Marketing's Google My Business Profile Optimization Services

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Key Features & Pricing of a Premium Google Business Profile

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Google Business Profile Optimization Service

Rank #1 with Tag Marketing’s GMB/GBP Optimization Service

  • Optimize essential business info (phone number, hours of operation, website, health and safety measures, and the about company description)
  • Display a distinctive business personality using logo, videos, images and other custom graphics; businesses that display quality images get 35% more clicks
  • Promote unique characteristics, e.g., woman-owned, minority-owned, veteran-owned

SAVE 25%

$400 $300 one-time setup

Stay On Top With Our Google Business Profile Management Services

Further stand out from the competition by listing and promoting your products and services with regular posts about special offers, events and updates as you would on social media. If you are a restaurant, for example, we help connect your menu so it can take orders and/or make reservations directly on Google Business Profile.

Additional features include:

  • Send and receive direct messages
  • Create automated responses to generic inquiries
  • Reply to customer reviews to build trust & mitigate damages
  • Publicly post answers to common questions
  • Gain insights into how customers find your business

SAVE 25%

Weekly Postings

$150 $112.50/month (billed annually)
Google Business Profile Ongoing Management

FAQs About Google My Business Management & Optimization Services

If Google Business Manager is free and I can fill out my profile myself, why do I need your services?

Remember Yellow Pages? You could buy an ad with all your contact information. But is anyone going to read it? That’s basically the problem with a basic Google Business Profile; just because you complete the listing doesn’t ensure potential customers are going find you or that you’ll outrank your competitors.

Ask yourself, do you have an in-depth understanding of SEO and how Google Search works? Of keyword research? What about online marketing? Audience targeting? How about Google’s policies and guidelines that must be followed?

Even if you know all of this, do you have the time to devote to your Google Business Profile optimization, with weekly postings and updates? Isn’t your time best spent running your business?

Why should I hire Tag Marketing to manage and optimize my Google Business Profile?

Because we are Google experts. We live and breathe Google search results, the latest algorithm tests and updates, targeting audiences and tracking their buying behavior, and conversion marketing to sales day in and day out.

How fast do I see results from my investment in your GMB Management & Optimization services?

You should see some improvement in your Google results within 30 days, with ongoing improvements in traffic and marketing activities going forward. Our clients receive on average a return on investment ratio of $25:1. This means for every $1 invested in marketing, they get $25 back as a result. For comparison, the industry standard of a good ROI is $5:1.

How do you report results back to me?

You will receive a report straight from Google each month, so you can trust the results are not altered. You can log into your Google Business Profile Center anytime you want as well to see results in real-time or view previous time frames to compare results.

Let’s Start Making Your Local Business a #1 Ranked Local Business

As a local small business ourselves, we specialize in helping local small businesses reach their goals. We understand the importance of building trust with customers and delivering results on a budget. That’s what you do for your customers. And that’s what we do for you. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can bring greater attention to your business locally on Google, no matter which device your clients are using.

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