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What Are Your Current Online Marketing Challenges?

Take a look at some problems Tag Marketing solved for clients like you.

Tag Marketing marketing strategy

How do I start a marketing plan for my business?

Creating an effective marketing strategy will give your company the best chance at reaching your goals; just make sure...

they’re focused, realistic and achievable. How much money do you have to invest in your business and how much revenue does it need to generate? You will need to figure out your business’s current situation, pain points, and where you would like to take it down the road. Develop buyer personas of your current customers/clients, and research what your ideal target audience is and where they spend most of their time. Then, delegate responsibilities, give each task a deadline, launch multiple variations, measure data, and adjust.

Let us develop your next marketing strategy WITH you.

Tag Marketing marketing goals and objectives

What should my marketing goals and objectives be?

Marketing goals and business objectives all come down to one thing, revenue. So why does getting there differ so much...

from business to business? It’s because there are an assortment of primary and secondary goals for each company such as attracting more visitors (i.e.: if you’re making money by selling ad space or sponsorships), converting more visits into leads (i.e.: if you’re making money by selling leads or need to build your email/contact list), convert more leads into sales (i.e.: you want people to buy your products or use your services), retain more customers (i.e.: you want to boost the lifetime value of existing customers and keep them happy). Also, every business has a different marketing budget to invest and various business limitations with their own challenges.

Let us help you establish and focus your marketing efforts.

Tag online marketing for website

Where should I market my website to produce the best ROI?

There is no one size fits all solution to marketing your website. Best practice is to figure out where your target audience is spending...

their time, where they are at in the buyer’s journey, and create content and market to them on their terms. Don’t throw your entire budget into one channel, diversify your marketing strategy. Examples of online marketing channels are social media, email campaigns, organic search, paid ads, referral traffic, and more. If one channel doesn’t pan out like you planned or hits a low period, the others will hopefully pick up the slack and still generate revenue. Take social media for example. You can post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or countless others, but which is best for your company. Is it better to run an ad, boost a post, or promote your local business on Facebook? There’s a lot of industry research, experience, and trial and error involved in order to get you the best ROI. Your Marketing plan needs to be fluid and flexible in order to produce the best results.

Let our experienced team help you get there faster and efficiently.

improve website conversion rate with Tag Marketing

How do I improve my website’s lead conversion rate?

So you have a steady stream of traffic to your website, but that traffic isn’t converting into leads and sales. Lots of businesses...

have an issue leading potential customers or clients down the marketing sales funnel. Sometimes it’s because the target audience is incorrect or the traffic is not focused enough to capture the right person who actually makes the buying decisions. If that’s not the case, then we’re looking at a website issue. Your company may need some minor layout and design adjustments, better content for each landing page, or unfortunately a full-blown website redesign.

Let our experts analyze your current website or help you on a new web design project.

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What Does Google Think Of Your Website?

Online Marketing Solutions

Organic SEO and Diverse Inbound Marketing Strategies.

online marketing solutions

An online marketing strategy works when it's implemented correctly at each stage of your customer life cycle and answers their direct questions. The right content, at the right time. We pride ourselves in finding holes in your current marketing efforts and figuring out solutions that will achieve your set goals.

Tag Marketing expertise involves:

  • Generating highly concentrated traffic through unique, shareable, and SEO optimized content
  • Improving lead conversion rates with well-designed landing pages and offers tailored to your buyer's journey
  • Nurturing marketing and sales qualified leads within a customized CRM system with effective workflows and automated sequences
Tag Marketing is a Certified Yext Partner

Check how your business appears online.

Web Design Solutions

Lead-Generating, Flexible Websites with Affordable Packages.

web design solutions

Websites today must be responsive, display correctly on all screen sizes, and function as intended, no matter which device your viewers are using. Landing pages need to catch and retain your audience’s attention, convert the quality leads and filter out the bad ones, and close the loop with actual sales. Our web design team will discuss issues, test and develop solutions specific to your needs.

Tag Marketing web design services include:

  • Fully functional and responsive websites with growth-driven, adaptable, and creative designs
  • Competitor analysis, industry research, and years of experience that crushes the competition
  • Compelling and sharable content with links, CTA’s, forms, slideshows, and more
  • Optimal platforms and hosting for informational, eCommerce, and blog sites

Graphic Design Solutions

Rooted in Custom and Effective Design with Marketing Drive.

graphic design solutions

Design is more than just images and text. It requires the mind of a marketer, creativity, technical skills, an eye for detail, experience in industry, knowledge of your audience, and fundamental design principles. Not to mention, knowing various print processes and materials when it’s being output.

Tag Marketing graphic & print design services include:

Success Story - Insurance Agency Lead Generation

See how Tag Marketing's design & online marketing strategies drove real client results that aligned with their goals.

lead funnel for insurance marketing case study

$25:1 ROI

New Visitors



Old: 4,663 Visitors

New: 11,439 Visitors




Old: 1.47% Conv Rate

New: 3.29% Conv Rate




Old: 245 Leads

New: 804 Leads

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