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84% of people were convinced to purchase based on brand's video

source: lemonlight

Web Videos Build Trust With Your Visitors & Drive Conversions

Take your web content to the next level with video marketing. Video generates more leads and sells more products or services than any other form of content online. Boost engagement and interactivity on your company’s website with this affordable addition to your arsenal. Google also favors video as premium content therefore it’s a great way to increase traffic to your website from their search results, YouTube, and even social media platforms.

Types Of Marketing Videos That We Produce For Your Company

Social media videos

Social Media Videos

Whiteboard videos

Whiteboard & Animation Videos

User engagement videos

Onsite Production Videos

Training videos

Training & How-To Videos

Product demo videos

Product Demo Videos

Video Marketing Pricing & Examples That Produced Results

2D Animated Videos

2D motion images in a digital environment.



Up to 2 Minutes in Length

Video Script

Titles & Animations

Intro Screen

End Screen With Call-to-Action


Keyword Research

Video Optimization

Video Transcript


5-7 Business Days

"We hired Carmen and his team to help design an entirely new website, and to work with us on our overall branding strategy. From social media, to blogs, and everything in-between—I could not be happier with the results and the ease of working with Carmen and his crew! Highly recommend!"

Whiteboard Videos

Static images being drawn on the screen.



Up to 2 Minutes in Length

Video Script

Titles & Animations

Intro Screen

End Screen With Call-to-Action


Keyword Research

Video Optimization

Video Transcript


5-7 Business Days

"Thanks again guys! I own several businesses and Tag Marketing takes care of them all from the print materials to the online marketing and websites. We have partnered up for years now, reaching goals and taking names."

Onsite Production

Features custom-filmed video content.



Up to 2 Minutes in Length

Video Script, Shoot & Editing

Titles & Animations

Intro Screen

End Screen With Call-to-Action

Animated Titles for Each Team Member

Transition Effects


Keyword Research

Video Optimization

Video Transcript

"We spent way too much money in the past with big companies, and have never received the quality of service and results that we received from Tag Marketing."

Video Channel Setup Cost

Meet Your Next Video Production Services Partner

Tag Marketing is your leading local video marketing agency. We use our time-tested and proven video marketing onboarding process to align your company’s video production project with your business and sales goals.

Our elite team of video producers, video editors, graphic designers, copywriters, SEO specialists, and video marketers are at your fingertips to overcome your current video marketing challenges and pain points to achieve your goals.

Spin The Wheel Of Pain

Are You Struggling With These Top 10 Video Marketing Challenges?

  1. You don’t have a video
  2. You have a video but It doesn’t look as good as your competitors
  3. You’re using a free video builder but it’s too time-consuming and difficult to customize
  4. Your company’s site’s not generating traffic or converting leads or making sales
  5. You need a quick video now, with a fast uptime and a quick launch
  6. Your current video performance yields a poor return on investment (ROI)
  7. Ecommerce sales are lacking or non-existent
  8. You want to expand your local footprint on Google
  9. You’re trying to improve your website’s user experience (UX)
  10. You had a “guy” but he either burned you or left you in a difficult situation

Video Marketing Process & Methodology

We use everything in our arsenal to bring you the results you desire. Blending video production, marketing, analysis, and customization. Our revolutionary process leads to an SEO-friendly video, that looks fantastic on all devices, loads fast, is on all social video channels, and satisfies your goals by working for you and your sales force. 

  • Stand out to your target audience with impactful and memorable video messages
  • Put a face to your brand that creates a warm connection and builds trust
  • Prioritize and tailor follow-ups knowing who watched what
  • Boost response rates, meetings booked, and close rates
93% of brands got a new customer because of a video on social media

source: lemonlight

Discover Phase

Phase 1: Onboarding

Define goals and figure out the creative scope of your video production project. Collaborate with your team on what our goals will be, and what is the purpose of your video.

Research & Analysis Phase

Phase 2: Research & Analysis

Organize your goals into a constructive and effective video marketing strategy. We accomplish this through vigorous research and development, competitor analysis, brand positioning, and experience.

Web Design content phase

Phase 3: Video Copywriting & Scripting

Creative and compelling video needs the right scripting and professional copywriting. Your web video should tell the story of your company’s offerings and your brand.

Video design phase

Phase 4: Design

The graphic elements of your video should align with your company’s branding. Here is where we solidify ideas and concepts through visualization, mock-ups, and call-to-actions (CTAs).

Video production phase

Phase 5: Video Production

The technical aspect of producing your video begins here. Taking our scripts, raw footage, and graphics and building fully functional video.

Video test & launch phase

Phase 6: Test & Launch

After all final revisions and reviews, we proof your video for errors. Then we launch your video live for the public to see across all your video channels, social media platforms, and your website.

Results Phase

Phase 7: Results

We bring you measurable results at every stage of the process and under one hood. Meanwhile, we constantly improve our video marketing campaigns based on those results and analytics. Sustainable growth is not the end goal, but a constant feature of our work together.

FAQs About Video Production & Services

Why is video marketing important?
Video marketing offers many benefits to your company from boosting engagement on social media, to adding interactivity on a website, to providing efficient step-by-step training to a customer or employee.

Videos even help e-commerce businesses. Think Amazon. We love seeing 360-degree tours of a product you are thinking of buying. Really showing off the features and benefits one by one.

The more people are educated about the product or service they are purchasing, the less likely of a negative surprise. This reduces returns, bad reviews online, and helps sway the consumer into buying with you instead of a competitor with no video.

The more time a user spends on your website and the more engaged they are the better Google will rank those pages in their search results since this is one of their PageRank signals. Not to mention, it opens up other marketing channels and audiences for you that you wouldn’t have had access to otherwise such as YouTube and Vimeo. YouTube alone has 2 billion monthly active users that watch over 5 billion videos daily!

Here are some great video statistics that prove its effectiveness:

  • 87% of companies experienced a good ROI with video marketing
  • 93% of brands got a new customer because of a video they posted on social media
  • 94% of customers say video has helped them increase their understanding of a product or service
  • 86% of marketers accredited video as helping them generate more leads
  • 81% of business owners accredited video as directly increasing sales
  • 49% of customer support reps said video helped reduce their support calls
Do videos help increase traffic to websites?
Yes, both your website traffic and organic search rankings will absolutely experience a boost with each video. However, the impact will vary for every business depending on your size, niche, level of optimization, and how many places the video was marketed.

On average, when a video is indexed with Google, it experiences a 26% boost in clicks to your website and a 100% increase in time spent on your website. It also reduces the bounce rate. All of these are great signals for Google to rank you higher in search results.

Also, social media videos get shared 1,200% more than image and text posts. With each share, it opens you up to a new audience you most likely couldn’t reach any other way. Inevitably, leading to more traffic back to your site.

Do videos help generate leads?
Yes. On average, video campaigns experience a 34% higher conversion rate than text and image campaigns. And 84% of businesses say video marketing helped them generate leads.

On top of that, the leads are higher in quality because they are more educated on your products or services.

Do videos help increase sales?
Yes. 93% of companies earned a new customer because of a video they posted on social media and 81% of businesses accredited video marketing as directly increasing their sales.

Plus, your sales team will spend more time with qualified leads ready to buy because video leads are more educated on the product or service. Less wasted time with non buyers and answering questions a video could have already answered, equals more time selling with ready buyers.

What is the video turnaround timeframe?
5-7 business days for whiteboard and 2D animation videos. 7-10 business days for the live-action videos.

Video Deliverables We Use To Market Your Business & Attain Your Goals

Video Production Services

  • Video Topic & Keyword Research
  • Video Script Copywriting
  • Video Shoot Recording
  • Video Editing
  • Animated Logos & Titles
  • Call-To-Action End Screen
  • Drone Footage Shooting
  • Whiteboard & 2D Animation
  • Interviews & Onsite Production
  • Graphic Design

Video Marketing Services

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Taking Your Business To The Next Level With Video

See the impact a single video can make on your bottom line, then amplify that with a weekly, monthly, or quarterly video marketing strategy.

7 Video Marketing Stats You Need To Know

  1. People watch an average of 16 hours of online video per week
  2. More than 1 billion hours of video is consumed on YouTube every day
  3. Facebook & LinkedIn videos generate 1,200% more shares than text and image content combined
  4. Video thumbnails shown in Google’s search results get clicked on 26% more than any other search result type
  5. Marketers who incorporate video into their campaigns experience 34% higher conversion rates
  6. 84% of businesses say video helped them generate leads
  7. 90% of companies say they had a positive ROI with video