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Social Media Package Pricing

Social Media One-Time Setup Package Pricing

Social media channel options for setup are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, and Instagram.

Boost Engagement, Attract Leads & Drive Conversions Via Social Media Marketing

Social media offers unique opportunities for lead generation, customer service and branding that other forms of marketing lack. It gives you the chance to interact with your target audiences in a more personal (but still professional) way.

That said, social media marketing is tricky. Companies who attempt to handle their efforts in-house often find goal and ROI achievement elusive.

This is where we come in. At Tag Marketing Agency, we possess many years of experience spearheading social campaigns for various B2B and B2C clients. We know exactly how to reach and engage different segments of your audience at different stages of their buyer’s journey.

Furthermore, we know the best times and places to post your content. Each social platform is different and must be handled as such. Much like “real life” relationships, social media relationships take careful cultivation to build.

Social Media Marketing for customer service, branding, and lead generation

Social Media Services Offered

Our social media marketing services include, but not limited to, the following platforms.
Facebook Marketing Services

Facebook Marketing Services

We will make sure your Facebook page is updated, easy to navigate, and fully optimized for success. We know what constitutes an attention-grabbing cover photo, the balance to strike between buttoned-up business content and lighter posts, and how many posts are too many for your Facebook audience. Hashtags, emojis, call-to-action buttons, custom tabs, shopping carts, target audiences, organic reach, the different types of paid ads, different content formats… this will never convert to achieving your goals without proper understanding, tracking and execution.

Twitter Marketing Services

Twitter Marketing Services

It is tempting to think that Twitter, with its limited character count (was 140, now 280), is a more casual social platform. However, doing so would mean overlooking its full potential. We interact with your followers in a human way that personalizes your brand. And we do not stop there. We vigilantly monitor the network to find those who have expressed interest in services or products similar to yours and reach out to let them know about your company. Educating Tweeters and keeping them up to date with your latest news.

Instagram Marketing Services

Instagram Marketing Services

This picture and video-focused Instagram may not seem like it would be a good fit for B2B businesses, but this is simply not true. We formulate the strategy and create the look that will make prospects take notice of you when they see your profile. We also identify brand ambassadors and influencers who can help promote your product or service to their own followers. You also have the ability for paid advertising on Instagram through Facebook’s business platform, turning views into clicks into purchases.

LinkedIn Marketing Services

LinkedIn Marketing Services

Human Resources and people looking for jobs are not the only ones who can benefit from LinkedIn. It is an excellent tool for fostering B2B relationships with your target audience and establishing your company’s expertise in its industry. We develop and post content specifically curated for LinkedIn Pulse, optimize your profile for optimal reach, and use the Messaging feature to maximize your chances of making the right connections. LinkedIn’s paid advertising is great for education, awareness, and driving traffic to premium content such as eBooks and competitor research.

Paid & Organic Social Media Services

Social Media Strategies

The most effective social media marketing strategy will include both paid and organic campaigns running simultaneously. Each offers unique advantages the other lacks. Did you know, companies that combine social with Adwords (now Google Ads), retargeting and lookalike audiences, will generate the best result? Well, it definitely does! Intertwining long-term and short-term strategies with proper real-time maintenance are key.
SaaS Organic SEO Services
Paid social media campaigns

Paid Social Campaigns

Paid social media campaigns involve spending advertising dollars in the right place at the right time to the right audience. Responses to these posts are considered paid reactions. There are many different types of engagements or reactions and your goal will be different for each one targeted. Examples of paid social media campaigns include ads optimized for clicks, video views, lead generation, shopping purchases, and more.

Organic Social Marketing

Organic social media, on the other hand, is any activity that takes place without buying a placement. Some people think of this as “traditional” social media marketing. While organic posts may not always have the reach of paid ads, they are powerful for creating trust with your target audiences because you did not pay to increase their influence or come off as too pushy. They were actively sought after by your audience.
Organic social media marketing
paid and organic social media services

Combining Organic & Paid To Maximize Results

If you are not launching both organic and paid posts, then you are not maximizing your campaign’s results or budget. Period!

We set up both organic posts along with various paid ad types that support and elevate each other. This is not a set it and forget it strategy, it takes constant adaptive maintenance based on real-time insights to reach your goals.

Social Media Marketing Services

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Unlock your brand’s social potential

Social Media Strategy That Gets Results

In order to be effective, a holistic social media marketing strategy should accomplish these goals. We leverage our experience, skills, and advanced tools to achieve the following for you.
Grow Followers to Expand Brand Awareness

Grow Followers to Expand Brand Awareness

The best profile and posts in the world are useless unless they are seen by the right people. We use proven methods to attract your target audiences according to data such as behavior, pain points, and demographics to expand your brand awareness.

Nurture Relationships to Create Engagement

Even in business, people tend to feel more comfortable with brands they feel connected to on a somewhat personal level. That is why engaging with your target audience to nurture that relationship is so important. We come up with posts and responses that engender prospects’ trust, spark their interest, and encourage sharing. Keep the conversation going and lead followers down their buyer’s journey.
Nurture Relationships to Create Engagement
Use Social Media Advertising to Increase Leads and Sales

Use Social Media Advertising to Increase Leads & Sales

The most common goal is to drive leads and convert sales. To do this, we create and execute social media campaigns that send the right traffic to your website’s landing pages or lead forms. We also use retargeting ads and tracking to convert recent website visitors that didn’t previously convert and offer them a special incentive to become a customer.

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