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How Is Illustration Different Than Graphic Design?

Illustration, graphic design, many people use these terms interchangeably. They are closely related fields and it is not uncommon for these fields to overlap. Illustrators and graphic designers often use the same tools and have similar training and skills. The difference between the two fields can vary depending on who you ask. This is how we define the difference between them.

Illustration Design

Illustration design tends to have a strong and expressive style that creates a subjective mood. The images created don’t necessarily need a focal point to work. You’re able to look at the art without it directing your attention to one aspect of itself. Illustrations are an interpretation or visual explanation of a text, a concept, or a process.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is the art of making images that attract direct attention, using that attention for a specific and deliberate purpose to achieve an objective goal. The image delivers a clear focus and uses visual hierarchy to pass attention on to other elements related to the same overall message. It does not compete for attention with other elements like text. On a page containing several or many elements, a good graphic designer will be able to control which elements win attention in what order.

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A Wide Array of Media

Tag Marketing has been creating custom illustrations for over 20 years. Our talented and creative illustrators use a wide variety of media to create their images. From colored pencil and watercolor to Adobe Illustrator and 3-D CAD software, we use many different tools to create expressive images.

Expressive & Unique

At Tag Marketing, we have a passion for creativity, and we relish any opportunity where we can push that creativity beyond previous boundaries. We don’t use stock images or clip art in our custom illustrations. Our styles range from technical diagrams to artistic and whimsical drawings.

Illustrations are an expressive and unique way to showcase your company’s personality. Avatars, profile images, company mascot, and packaging are a few examples of illustrations that we’ve created for our clients.

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Creative, Expertly Designed Illustrations

If you have a need for any kind of custom illustration, let Tag Marketing flex our creative muscles and wow you!