Insurance Industry Case Study

Increased Conversions & Leads In A Highly Competitive Insurance Market

Lead Generation

Compass Insurance Agency

Online marketing case study. Doesn’t include our assisted offline sales and renewals.


in New Visitors
Old: 4,663 Visitors
New: 11,439 Visitors

in Conversions

Old: 1.47% Conv Rate
New: 3.29% Conv Rate

in Leads
Old: 245 Leads
New: 804 Leads
insurance web and marketing case study execution
We have been working with Carmen and Tag Marketing for 5 yrs. They have significantly improved our local presence and helped us get on the map nationally. We get a good amount of leads from our website, which continues to increase. Tag Marketing are experts in their field and will help set up a plan to make your business successful. I highly recommend them!
Hernan Balcazar, Managing Partner – Compass Insurance Agency


  • Insurance industry is highly competitive!
  • Mostly converting in unprofitable areas
  • High website bounce rate
  • Reliant heavily on cold calling
  • Slim profit margins
  • No lead nurturing process


  • Target more qualified audience
  • Create local presence for grand rapids & surrounding areas
  • Content marketing to peak visitors interest
  • Effective landing page design to convert more leads
  • Increase inbound leads to wean off outbound leads
  • Setup and integrate CRM


Online Results

  • Expanded target area reach in profitable areas
  • Retained customer loyalty
  • Decreased cost-per-acquisition
  • Closed more policies & increase customer lifetime value
  • Resolved phone routing issue
insurance web and marketing case study results

$25:1 Return on Investment

124% increase in conversion rate.

38% decrease to overall website bounce rate.

145% increase in online visitor traffic.

216% improvement to qualified leads.

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