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Inbound Marketing Pricing Packages Combined With SEO Services

7-15% of gross revenue should be spent on marketing

Inbound Marketing Packages Explained

Tag Marketing Agency developed inbound packages priced to serve the needs of most small to mid-sized business owners that come to us. Our STARTER package is for companies that are new to inbound marketing services and have a limited budget. The SILVER inbound package is for businesses that have marketed before but didn’t get the results they expected. Our GOLD marketing package is priced out for companies who experience good growth already with inbound services but feel like they can do even better. The PLATINUM pricing package is for businesses that want to grow aggressively and create an inbound marketing machine that takes their company to the next level.

Custom Inbound Marketing Service Packages Available

We also offer custom marketing packages with affordable inbound services to match your budget and specific needs.


Tag Marketing Inbound Case Studies

Tackling each project with passion and determination. In the world of web design, SEO, and inbound marketing, we’ve been working hard to command user attention, increase organic search traffic, and drive inbound leads that convert into actual sales. Providing Chicagoland businesses and agencies across the nation a solid ROI from their inbound services pricing package investment.

Growth Month-Over-Month


Increase in Sales

“We’ve worked with several marketing agencies. However, we struck GOLD when we found Tag Marketing! They’ve been extremely attentive… really digging into our business and our customer base. They understand what we need for growth and know exactly how to implement what works. We highly recommend Chris, Carm, and the entire Tag Marketing team.”

Growth Year-Over-Year


Increase In Leads

“Carmen has substantially improved my company’s lead rate and he completely rebuilt our website. That rebuild helped my business grow beyond my expectations. Carmen always delivers marketing when promised and he pays attention to detail. I HIGHLY recommend his service and company.”

Attract Visitors, Increase Traffic


Increase in Traffic

“We have been working with Carmen and Tag Marketing for 5 yrs. They have significantly improved our local presence and helped us get on the map nationally. We get a good amount of leads from our website, which continues to increase. Tag Marketing are experts in their field and will help set up a plan to make your business successful. I highly recommend them!”

Marketing Services & Deliverables You Get With The Right Inbound Package

Whether your business is established or a start-up, inbound marketing is critical for its success. You need a dedicated team that strives for excellence and goes the extra mile to put you above the competition at an affordable price.

At Tag Marketing, we follow a results-driven process and execute the most effective package of inbound services and deliverables that have resulted in home runs for our clients time after time.

Blog posts marketing deliverable


Demonstrate your industry expertise with thoughtful, carefully researched, well written and highly relevant blog posts that we write and post on your behalf once approved. Provide your target audience with the information they want, seek and share.

Webpages marketing deliverable


Ensure that your website is one of your strongest marketing tools around the clock. We tell prospects exactly how your products or services can help them by describing key features and benefits with persuasive copy and a clear objective.

Social posting marketing deliverable

Social Postings

Engage with your existing audience and attract new followers with informative and interesting content. We post across all your social media channels, in the proper format, and at the optimal time to make your voice heard.

Organic SEO marketing deliverable

Organic SEO

In order for you to attract leads and sales, your target audience must be able to find you. We utilize both on-page and off-page SEO tactics to propel your web pages to the top of search results. You will find yourself appearing multiple times due to our initial checklist and continued data-driven maintenance.

Video optimization marketing deliverable

Video Optimization

Videos are one of the most powerful marketing tools if they are focused, optimized and distributed properly. We will pull out all the stops to get your videos watched and engaged with.

Area pages marketing deliverable

Area Pages

Specific keywords convert better than general keywords. If you operate your business locally, you need to let potential customers in your area know you exist. We create our GEO-targeted area pages using city and state-specific optimization to drive local results to your own backyard.

Promotional campaigns marketing deliverable

Promotional Campaigns

Get the word out about the big sale you are running, event you are having, or product you’re launching. We help you develop cost-effective promotions; then design them, build up excitement and launch them. Reaching the right audiences, at the right times, and in the right places.

Conversion path building marketing deliverable

Conversion Path Building

Turn website visitors into leads with an effective, clean & direct conversion path. We create the content offer & develop the landing page that captures the viewers’ interest, they click on the call-to-action button to redeem the offer & they provide their contact information within a form in exchange for the highly sought-after content, then they are redirected to a trackable thank you page and will receive an automated response via email.

Calls-to-action marketing deliverable


Compel leads to act with a clear-cut, strong call-to-action (CTA). We let them know exactly what they will get by using attention-grabbing graphics along with powerful text to motivate them to click over to the next step.

Landing pages marketing deliverable

Landing Pages & Forms

Good SEO and PPC pays off when targeted viewers are led to the correctly focused landing page with a form ready to collect information that qualifies each lead. This is known as gated content and can include eBook downloads, booking demos, event registrations, etc. We build these landing pages with design, conversions, messaging, and growth in mind. Then, optimize each page for search & quality scoring, and the form for simplicity with a proper give & take balance.

Premium content marketing deliverable

Premium Content

Entice viewers with premium content such as eBooks, whitepapers, webinars, product guides and much more. We develop the content they want badly enough to give you their information in exchange for it, which we then use to convert them & nurture them into a sale. Also, encouraging them to share this premium content with other relevant audiences and potential buyers.

eBlasts marketing deliverable


To an extent, marketing is a numbers game. We utilize email marketing campaigns backed up by valuable data, personalization, and segmentation to spread the word quickly about how you can eliminate your target audiences’ pain points. We keep you out of the spam box and make sure your eBlast gets opened, digested, and clicked through. Great for surveys, newsletters, product updates, promotions, etc.

Automation workflow marketing deliverable

Automation Workflow

Save tons of time and conserve energy by automating certain marketing efforts. We work with the top software in the industry to automate tactics including emails, live chats, notifications, and requesting feedback to reach your prospects in the right ways and at the right times. Use personalized automation when necessary with the ability of an employee to take over for a more complicated conversation.

Database management marketing deliverable

Database Management

We set up and manage well-organized marketing, sales, and service CRM that empowers you to connect with your contacts, understand their needs better and delight them with your superb customer service. There isn’t a single company out there that can grow year over year without a proper database.

List segmentation marketing deliverable

List Segmentation

Your leads are not all the same and you should not market to them as if they are the same. We use informed data and the history of their activity across your channels to divide your contacts into smaller, more personalized segments according to different factors and goals. We then communicate with each segmented list in the ways that are most meaningful to them. Proven to reduce unsubscribe rates and increase engagement.

Emails marketing deliverable

Email Campaigns

Everyone’s inboxes are overflowing with promotional emails, junk, and a bunch of other stuff. They are setting up spam filters and smart mailboxes more and more. We go the extra mile using proven email marketing tactics such as personalization, profile preferences, and staying away from certain terminology to drive open and click-through rates – ensuring your emails don’t end up in the trash or spam folder, or worse cause a negative impact on your brand.

Reporting marketing deliverable


We are all about transparency at Tag Marketing and we understand that the end game is ultimately what your ROI is. To that end, we provide detailed reports that show you exactly how our marketing efforts are performing and if goals are met. Filtering out all the junk you don’t care about.

FAQs About Inbound Marketing, Pricing, & Package Deals

What is inbound marketing?

Outbound marketing is the older, more traditional, way of advertising. Services include TV, radio, print advertising, telemarketing, cold calling, and direct mail. The basic idea is to push a message out to a mass audience in the hope it reaches the target market. Traditional outbound marketing is very difficult to track and measure ROI by source.

Inbound marketing refers to online strategies that actually draw in an audience by educating consumers on topics they are searching for and pushing them through each stage of the buyer’s journey until they become a customer. This newer method increases brand exposure, builds trust, and aligns you as an authority on the topic. Inbound marketing services include social media posts, website content, landing pages, blogging, automated workflows, eBooks, case studies, and much more. As opposed to outbound marketing, inbound is easier to track and individual source ROI is measurable in real-time and long-term.

Is inbound marketing more effective than outbound?

Yes, inbound marketing works for every company type, whether you’re selling products, services, or advertisement space. It also works in every single industry out there today, and for both storefronts or online-only businesses.

Inbound marketing is 10x more effective for lead generation than outbound strategies and 62% cheaper than traditional marketing. Businesses that rely on inbound marketing services, including our clients, save on average $14 for every newly acquired customer.

Infographic proving inbound wins vs outbound.

What is your inbound marketing process?

We developed a to-dos checklist grouped into six stages and labeled as one-timers or ongoing services.

This is set up in our project management software after the onboarding stage is completed and the inbound marketing strategy is finalized. Each stage of our process includes research, consult, planning, campaigns, reports, and success.

They sound simple enough, but there’s a lot of time and energy that is constantly going into improving this process with all sorts of expert notes developed through decades of experience within each task to make sure we’re working effectively and efficiently in order to get you the best possible results that will crush your goals and competition.

Am I locked into a long-term contract?

No. Inbound marketing takes time to see results, that is why we ask (not require) you to give it an honest chance for at least 3 months and trust that we know what we are doing and have your best interest in mind.

We prefer to work with our clients on a 12-month basis, since all that consistent inbound marketing really goes into overdrive over a longer period of time, but understand that this process is all about building a relationship of trust and results. We are so confident that the chosen inbound marketing pricing package will reach the goal we set together that we don’t hold you hostage to any contract length.

If you need to leave for any reason, it’s okay.

When do I pay for my inbound marketing package?

When you decide to move forward after our consultation, we will invoice you what is due in order to start your first month. Usually, our inbound marketing packages start on the 1st or 15th of each month.

Then, you must continue to prepay the invoices each month thereafter on the first or fifteenth in order to continue our services together.

Will I see a return on investment due to your marketing efforts?

If you stay committed to the inbound marketing strategy we laid out for you, then you should see a positive ROI. We put an extensive amount of time into developing our packages, and pricing services out accordingly to provide you with the biggest bang for your buck while keeping our team interested with skin in the game.

Our clients have experienced on average a return on investment of $25:1 with our inbound marketing service pricing packages. This ratio means that for every $1 invested in marketing, they earned back $25 as a result. For comparison, the industry standard of a good ROI is $5:1.

Because inbound marketing allows us to track where your traffic, leads, and sales are coming from, we can reallocate your budget in real-time to the traffic streams that are performing the best.

How fast can I see results from my marketing package?

You can start to see positive results within 30 days and see substantial results in as little as 3 months with our inbound marketing packages.

Depending on the package chosen, we implement various short-term and long-term strategies simultaneously. The important thing to remember is that you are making an investment in your company’s future, this monthly price is not an expense.

Being patient because trusting the process will lead to significant rewards. Our clients receive on average a return on investment ratio of $25:1. This means for every $1 invested in marketing, they get $25 back as a result. For comparison, the industry standard of a good ROI is $5:1.

How do you report the results to me?

Depending on your budget, we report to your team on either a monthly or quarterly basis.

This report is delivered to you, via email, within the first week after the period completion. We then follow up with a phone call and/or screen share to go over your results, so everyone is on the same page.

We use several different tools to keep track of our progress. These include search consoles, Google Analytics, HubSpot Analytics, SEM Rush, Ubersuggest, speed test software, competitor intel, call tracking, social insights, CRM and database reporting, and more.

What are SMART goals & how will they be determined for my company?

At Tag Marketing, we do not just set goals for your inbound marketing objectives – we set S.M.A.R.T. goals:

  • Specific – hammer out details and focus on achieving precise goals.
  • Measurable – aim to reach certain numbers when proclaiming your goals.
  • Attainable – be realistic when setting goals to avoid wasting your time on futile efforts.
  • Relevant – focus goals on areas of your company, services or products that need improvement.
  • Time-Bound – set a deadline for achieving your goals and stick to it.

It’s Time To Get To The Place In Life You Always Dreamed

We utilize years of experience, sharply honed skills, and innovative software to execute inbound marketing campaigns that truly work. Our goal is to exceed merely pleasing you. We want to delight you every time.

After all, our success is in direct relationship to your success. We see ourselves as true partners, never just another invoice number.

We excel in partnerships with B2B and B2C small to mid-sized companies committed to unlocking their potential and accelerating their growth. How do we help them achieve this? By using simple yet creative growth-driven inbound marketing strategies.

By leveraging our knowledge and perfected services, we connect inbound marketing strategies to your goals, create value, and bridge the gap between the money you spend and the return on investment from your purchased pricing package.