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Is Print & Digital Billboard Design Relevant in a Marketing Campaign?

In today’s advertising and marketing age, is billboard design still relevant? Consider these statistics, 58% of drivers say they have learned something interesting from a billboard and 38% of drivers stop at an establishment that they saw advertised on a billboard.

The stats don’t lie, you have the potential to reach a broad audience that might not have encountered your brand otherwise. Billboards capitalize on the viewers who are stuck in traffic, passengers who are gazing out the window, and commuters waiting for public transportation.

You have countless opportunities to communicate your brand’s message and draw attention to your products, events, or services. Billboard advertising offers a big return on investment!

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Challenges in Print & Digital Billboard Design

Billboards target viewers who are literally on the move. Typically, a viewer only glances at a billboard for about 6 seconds. This means you’re not only competing with other advertisements and the surrounding environment in general, but you’re competing against the clock as well. Billboard design must ensure that your company’s message is conveyed quickly and leaves a lasting impression.

Most billboards are viewed from a distance and the viewing angle isn’t always straight on. The size and scale of the billboard design, combined with typography and imagery, all affect its readability. If your viewers can’t easily read and understand the billboard, they’re not going to become a customer.

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Designing Custom Digital & Print Billboards

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Billboard design and marketing experience are a must, and Tag Marketing has over 22 years of experience in these areas. Our team designs cost-effective print and digital billboards that clearly display your message for viewers who are on the go. In addition to being visually engaging, they’ll also be a functioning component of your marketing campaign. Our designs will have a positive impact on your marketing goals.

We take many things into consideration when designing your print or digital billboard. It is important to establish your goals and expectations early on to help us determine the overall purpose of the billboard.

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