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Based in Chicago, Tag Marketing is committed to providing excellent client service and producing real results for the law industry. We help you expand your client base and improve your firm’s profit margins by generating highly qualified leads.We possess an advanced level of expertise marketing, SEO, website design and graphic design services to make you stand out from your competitors. We can take care of any marketing needs you have including building your website and landing pages, increasing your Google rankings, developing content, managing social media campaigns and email campaigns, managing your online reputation, setting up local business listings online, creating automated workflows, handling CRM lead nurturing and managing per-per-click advertising campaigns.To us, every single client is a partner. We measure our level of success on your level of success. In this way, we are invested in achieving results that truly benefit your law firm.

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I have used this company for many many years. They have always performed to my expectations and are ready to answer all my questions and concerns. I highly recommend them.
Jason Harris, Founder – Jason Harris Law
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Online Marketing Solutions For Law Firms

Your Online Presence Shows Clients Your Law Firm Is Trustworthy

Due to misleading public perception of attorneys, it can be difficult for lawyers to gain the trust of potential and existing clients. The more faith clients have in you, the more likely you are to win and retain their business. Online reputation management is a powerful tool for demonstrating to prospects that your law firm is dependable and above board and that your team will deliver excellent customer service along the way.We work with advanced reputation management tools to obtain positive online reviews for your firm that will speak volumes in search results. Prospects will feel assured when they read about the positive experiences your clients have had while you represented them. They will feel much more comfortable about using your services.
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Law Firm Web Design Solutions

Highly Functional, Professionally Designed, Responsive Websites

In order to excel in the cutthroat law industry, your website must be a lead generating powerhouse. It all starts with attracting the right visitors and ends with converting them into qualified leads. In this day and age, a well built and optimized website is far more valuable than a listing in the Yellow Pages.The company websites we build for law firms are user-friendly and mobile-friendly, fast loading, responsive and SSL secured. We transform your website into a lead generating machine with tactics such as strong calls-to-action and search-optimized landing pages. Our marketing approach creates opportunities for business and revenue growth for your law firm.
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Organic SEO Solutions for Law Industry

We Make Sure Clients Can Find You On The Platform They Prefer

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Artificial intelligence (AI) plays a huge part in the constantly evolving Google search technology. This has upped the ante in regard to the number of competitors you face off against in your market. We overcome this challenge by strategically determining the types of content we develop, your target audience, the search terms we should use and what kind of on-page optimization will benefit your law firm most.At Tag Marketing we are at the forefront of technology, using the latest SEO tools, as well as leveraging our Google Analytics and Adwords certifications. We are also a HubSpot partner, allowing us to drive more targeted traffic to your website by maximizing your firm’s exposure – traffic that turns into qualified leads that convert.

Paid Advertising & Re-marketing Solutions

Way More Bang For Your Buck

There are as many options for targeted SEM ads as there are stars in the sky – well, almost. You need marketing experts who can figure out which forms of paid advertising will be most beneficial for your law firm at any given time. We design and deploy a wide variety of ads for our law industry clients including video marketing (for branding purposes), social media advertising (to expand your online reach) and display ads (for re-marketing purposes). Furthermore, we tailor paid A/B advertising strategies to achieve your goals and meet your budget.And if you think online advertising is expensive, think again. You may be surprised at how little you need to spend to get the ROI you desire when you partner with a seasoned lead generation team. We back up our claims with completely transparent, dynamic reporting we share with you on a regular basis.
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Graphic Design & Print Solutions For Law Firms

Pique Your Target Audiences’ Interest & Elevate Brand Awareness
Many people are visually inclined, so well designed printed materials are bound to capture their attention. From business cards to brochures, the power of print is still strong.However, there is an art to producing printed collateral that is professionally designed, informative and stands out among that of your competitors. It must also stay in line with the rest of your firm’s branding materials. This brand cohesion will underscore your firm’s credibility and commitment to quality in all that it does.
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