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We develop custom responsive websites that are designed around your company’s goals and target audience. Tag Marketing understands your industry and knows exactly how to translate your company’s vision into a reality. We strive to push your business revenue further and to position you over your competitors.

From conception to completion, our approach is not only to build good-looking, fully functional websites but to satisfy every goal and aspiration you have for your company on the web. We accomplish this through our simplified and transparent web design onboarding process. Make your website work for you by driving traffic, converting leads, and generating sales. After all, your company’s website is your best employee; it never calls in sick, never requires expensive benefits, and works 24/7/365.

75% Of People Base The Credibility Of A Business On How Their Website Looks

source: Clique

Website Design Case Studies: Don’t Take Our Word For It

We are grateful to have Tag Marketing on our side. Very responsive team with a versatile skill set to handle anything you need.

Martin Rajman, Manager – SMT Machining

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SMT Machining Website Redesign - BeforeSMT Machining Website Redesign - After

My experience with Tag Marketing was stellar. Our website re-design process was easier than I could have ever imagined. I really like that they have different staff who excel in different things, making every process seamless. I highly recommend.

Christina Anderson-Heller, Marketing Director – Lynfred Winery

Move the slider arrows to see the website’s before and after.

Lynfred Winery Website Redesign - BeforeLynfred Winery Website Redesign - After

Thanks again guys! I own several businesses and Tag Marketing takes care of them all from the print materials to the online marketing and websites. We have partnered up for years now, reaching goals and taking names.

Jamie Lendway, Owner – Ivanhoe Capital Advisors

Move the slider arrows to see the website’s before and after.

Ivanhoe Capital Website Redesign - BeforeIvanhoe Capital Website Redesign - After

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Website Pricing Packages As Low As $75/Page

Meet Your Next Website Design Services Partner

Tag Marketing agency is your leading local website design & development company. We use our time-tested and proven web design onboarding process to align your company’s website build with your business and sales goals.

Our elite team of website designers, web programmers, graphic designers, copywriters, SEO specialists, and marketers are at your fingertips to overcome your current web presence challenges and pain points to achieve your goals.

Are You Struggling With These Top 11 Website Design Challenges?

  1. You don’t have a website
  2. You have a website but It doesn’t look as good as your competitors
  3. You’re using a free website builder like GoDaddy or Wix that’s difficult to customize
  4. Monthly costs of renting your site and hidden fees are adding up over time
  5. Your site’s not generating traffic or converting leads or making sales
  6. You need a website now, with a fast uptime and a quick launch
  7. Your site yields a poor return on investment (ROI)
  8. eCommerce sales are lacking or non-existent
  9. You want to expand your local footprint on Google
  10. You’re trying to improve your website’s user experience (UX)
  11. You had a “guy” but he either burned you or left you in a difficult situation

Web Design Process & Methodology

We use everything in our arsenal to bring you the results you desire. Blending web design, development, analysis, and customization. Our revolutionary process leads to the fully functional website, that looks fantastic on all devices, and satisfies your goals by working for you and your sales force.

92.6% say visual dimension is #1 factor affecting their purchase

source: KISSmetrics

Discover Phase

Phase 1: Onboarding

Define goals and figure out the creative scope of your web design project. Collaborate with your team on what our goals will be, and what is the purpose of your website.

Research & Analysis Phase

Phase 2: Research & Analysis

Organize your goals into a constructive and effective web strategy. We accomplish this through vigorous research and development, competitor analysis, brand positioning, and experience.

Web Design content phase

Phase 3: Content

No website can survive without creative and compelling content that offers your audience substance. Here is where we carve and sculpt your company goals through various content, imagery, and professional copywriting. Your web content should tell the story of your company, and your brand.

Design Phase

Phase 4: Design

Conceptualization of the website’s design, functionality and user experience (UX) should align with your company’s goals, your audience’s questions, and the content delivery. Here is where we solidify ideas and concepts through visualization, mock-ups, and call-to-actions (CTAs).

Develop Phase

Phase 5: Develop

The technical aspect of developing your website begins here. Taking our designs and concepts, and building fully functional web pages through coding and programming.

Test & Launch Phase

Phase 6: Test & Launch

After all final revisions and reviews, we test your website for flaws and bugs. Perform extensive cross-browser and cross-platform testing. Make sure the user experience is equal on desktop & mobile, all the top browsers such as Chrome & Safari, across popular devices including iPhone & Samsung, and multiple operating systems like IOS & Android. Then we launch your website live for the public to see.

Results Phase

Phase 7: Results

We bring you measurable results at every stage of the process and under one hood. Meanwhile, we constantly improve our web campaigns based on those results and analytics. Sustainable growth is not the end-goal, but a constant feature of our work together.

Web Design Deliverables We Use To Build Your Website & Attain Your Goals

Web Design & Development Services

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FAQs About Web Design & Services

What website packages do you offer?
Tag Marketing offers several website package tiers so every small to medium-sized business can benefit from our agency’s services and experience. We also have inbound marketing and SEO packages that you can add on later once we have proven ourselves to you.
What kind of research and analysis do you perform?
Whether you’re starting a new business, growing an established company, or moving into a different kind of market, it’s worth the time and effort to start your website design and development project with our onboarding process.

Here is where we research your industry and competitors. We analyze your business, services/products, and website data; confront your pain points head-on; and fill in opportunity gaps that match your defined goals.

What is a web design onboarding process?
We’ve built an entire web design process and methodology around this because we have the understanding of business goals and the path it takes to not only achieve them but reach beyond them. Before starting any design work, we go through an efficient onboarding process where competitor research is conducted, market analysis is compiled, business discovery is performed, and we have a goal-setting meeting with you and your team. This assures a solid foundation is set up and success has a platform to depend on as your business grows.
Should I hire an agency, freelancer, or just do it myself?
73% of companies invest in professionals to design their website and help their brand stand out from competitors. When you hire a freelance web designer, you typically get a decently designed website but they lack the marketing aspect to turn it into a sales-generating machine. When you do it yourself through a website builder, it usually takes 10x longer and never looks as good as it does in the commercials.

At Tag Marketing, you benefit from a team of sales and marketing professionals who have decades of experience in web development, website and UX design, SEO, inbound marketing strategies, and traditional advertising. So instead of only getting a nice-looking site, you are actually getting a growth-driven engine that becomes your best employee.

I know what you are thinking, hiring an agency sounds like the best option but what does it cost? The price of a website designed by a freelancer is about the same price as hiring an agency. When you factor in time and lost business by not investing in the best option, you realize the hard way that DIY website builders and freelancers actually cost you more in the long run.

What is a CMS and how does it benefit me?
A content management system, or CMS, is a software system that provides tools for web authoring, collaboration, and administration. If you’ve heard of WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal, then you’ve heard about the most popular content management systems out there today.

Typically, this system includes a database for content storage, meta-data, customer info, and other types of valuable information.

The advantage of using a CMS is the control one has over a dynamic collection of web materials through the use of templates, plugins, widgets, and editor tools. Content is usually kept separate from the visual presentation of the site, which makes it quick and easy to edit and adjust. Your CMS website can be edited by yourself (novice users) or by a professional (advanced user). The CMS usually receives regular updates keeping the site current and secure.

What's the difference between a mobile and responsive site?
Did you know that 71% of users are unlikely to return to a website they had trouble viewing, and 40% will never shop at that business again? It’s important to your business to make sure your potential or existing customers have the best experience while viewing your website on mobile devices. Not only is a smaller screen size a factor, but so is easy navigation and fast loading times. While both a mobile site and a responsive website address these factors, there are notable differences.

A mobile site is basically a copy of a website that has its own URL and is completely independent of the full site. This is the old way of doing things before responsiveness really took off and began super flexible. The advantage was a separate mobile website that gave you control over the content displayed and gave the user a choice to view your mobile or full desktop version. Also, you were able to SEO the mobile site separately and target solely mobile users. However, it was a huge headache and became very expensive to maintain two separate websites.

Responsive web design uses one website and fluidly adjusts the elements on a webpage to fit different screen sizes. Manageability, it is much easier, not only in terms of content but with respect to SEO as well. But if not properly built and managed, responsive designs can lead to increased page sizes and load times. Responsive design has come a long way and completely dominates the market today. In fact, our company doesn’t even design separate mobile websites anymore.

Do you provide copywriting services?
Yes. We have professional copywriters available to help develop compelling content that will raise your brand’s awareness, educate and engage your audience, and sell your products or services. They have the expertise to write 100% unique copy (we use a plagiarism tool to verify) that appeals to your target audience with the goal of converting them into paying customers or clients. The content they craft will be so compelling that other people will want to share and promote it. This, in turn, increases your online authority and helps your website’s SEO and organic rankings.

Since you own the rights to this copy, it can be used in other marketing materials.

How long does the whole process take?
The timeline for your website project will vary depending on the size and complexity of the site being developed. We break down our timeline into milestones to keep your project on track to ensure the launch date, that we predetermined with you, is met.

We don’t like wasting time, so we begin each project immediately. After all, time is money for both of us. Depending on the size and scope of the website project, turnaround times will vary. Smaller responsive sites with few revisions and speedy client cooperation can take a couple of weeks. Whereas larger websites with lots of revisions, custom development, intensive copywriting, and clients with a busy schedule, can take on average 30 days or more. We can move as fast as needed and pride ourselves on expediting websites to meet your deadlines.

How do revisions work?
The design phase is an iterative process. We offer visualizations and mockups of each custom templated page to ensure that your website’s design, functionality, and user experience align with your goals. This phase is really a collaborative effort and we welcome your feedback and additional ideas for your design. At this point, we usually allow for up to 2 revisions to the mockups.

Once the final mockups are approved, we don’t waste any time getting started on the development phase. Our team will start cutting up the images and hard-coding your custom website page templates to make them look and function as planned. We understand that minor changes are not unusual going from static to dynamic, but we will need your approval on responsiveness and functionality in order to build out the rest of the webpages. Any major requests made after this, or after the site has been completed, will incur additional charges and be brought to your attention beforehand so you’re not taken off guard.

Who owns the copyrights for my final website?
You do! Plain and simple.
Do you provide website hosting?
Yes. If you don’t already have a web host or need a better hosting provider that can handle your new site’s storage space and traffic bandwidth, we can offer you hosting services that will maximize your site’s performance and loading speeds. Same with professional email hosting, domain privacy, and SSL certificates.
Do you register domain names?
Yes, we do. We’ll advise you on the best URL for your website based on our analysis. We also offer domain privacy and SSL certificates.

Creative Growth-Driven Web Design That Works For You

We specialize in everything from WordPress to Bootstrap to eCommerce with decades of experience in the industry.