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WordPress Now Powers 25% of the Web!

WordPress began as a blogging platform for people who wanted to post blog articles, but didn’t know how to create a website for their blog. Today WordPress has moved beyond the world of blogging, making it possible to build truly dynamic websites.

The power behind WordPress is the content management system. When WordPress is installed, the structure is already in place. This results in less expensive costs and a quicker launch time than creating a fully custom website from scratch.

Popular Websites Powered By WordPress

  • The New Yorker
  • The NFL
  • NBC Sports
  • CNN
  • The Dow Jones
  • Chicago Sun-Times
  • TechCrunch
  • Fortune.com
  • Sony Music

source: vip.wordpress.com

Custom WordPress Web Design & Development

Tag Marketing can create a custom designed WordPress website just for you. Just because we use WordPress, doesn’t mean we create cookie cutter sites that all look alike. Our designs and developers are tailored to your company's brand, your needs, and your goals.

Whether you’re starting a new business or need help with your existing WordPress website, we can help you reach your goals. Our extensive experience means we know what works, which saves you time and money in finding affordable web solutions.

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We Go Beyond Your Ordinary WordPress Website

With WordPress, we can optimize your website for search engines to make sure your target audience is finding you. We’ll be able to track your site’s performance and measure the effectiveness of keywords, phrases, and content then adjust accordingly. Plus, we can integrate the power of social media within your website including auto posting, share buttons, live feeds and more to boost user engagement.

Security is not ignored by WordPress. There are many security controls included with your WordPress site to ensure your company is safe and secure. These controls include access limitation, backups, update notifications, data encryption, and continuous vulnerability tracking.

Expertly Designed WordPress Websites

Expertly Designed WordPress Websites By Tag Marketing

We bring over 20 years of marketing, web design, and website development experience to the table. We will transform your new or existing ideas into reality using proven marketing strategies and content-specific pages that will convert your visitors into leads and sales.

FAQs About WordPress Design & Our Services

Custom themes and templates for blog posts and web pages allow your website to grow with your business. Plugins add even more functionality, interactivity, and control to your website. Bottom line, WordPress is completely adaptable and will be setup for users at all experience levels. Once setup, you have the option of paying a professional to maintain your website or you can save money and do it yourself.

WordPress Themes are a way to apply a "skin" to your website. They provide great control over the look, presentation and user experience of your website.

We know which WordPress themes will work with which plugins to match your goals and vision. Some themes are responsive from desktop computers down to mobile devices, others are solely for desktop viewing, and other themes come with their own mobile site. The WordPress themes we use are updated often, fully supported, and secured.

Plugins allow you to integrate additional capabilities that make your website more than just static web pages. For example: You can develop an eCommerce website that handles product management, a shopping cart, checkout, shipping options, and track-ability so you can harness the potential of selling directly online. But keep in mind, there are downsides to adding too many plugins, which can get you off track and further away from your goals.

Yes. You can use marketing plugins that allow your visitors the opportunity to join your mailing list. Their contact information can then be imported directly into your Constant Contact or Mail Chimp lists. There are social media plugins that add share buttons, live feeds, and auto posting directly from your website which encourages users to stay engaged and keeps them up to date on your company. There are lots of plugins for marketing and SEO in WordPress, such as Adsense, Google Analytics, call tracking, dynamic forms, CRMs and much more. It all just depends on your goals.

Yes, there are plugins that can integrate your social media platforms to promote your products or services and maximize your online exposure. Keeping your customers or clients updated on your company is key to success.

Software & Programming Expertise That Will Make Your WordPress A Success

  • Adobe
  • WordPress
  • HTML5 CSS3 JS5
  • jQuery
  • MySQL
  • PHP