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What's Online Marketing?

Online marketing (aka search engine marketing & SEM) is the philosophy of crafting a strong presence online through the understanding and targeting of a specific audience. Rather than cramming spam-like sales messages down people's throats, educate viewers with content they're actually searching for and on the media they are spending time at.

Gain market share and awareness of your company, service, or product by creating remarkable & shareable content that's specially tailored towards your target audience. Delivered when & where they want it. Solving their dilemmas and peaking their interests in various stages of the buyers journey is key to high returns.

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SEM statistic


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Key Online Marketing Services To A Successful Campaign

The SEM Components We Use to Build Your Business & Attain Your Goals

Market Research
Competitor Intel
Branding Strategies
Location Targeting
User Experience
Calls To Action
Content Development
Promotional Marketing
Landing Pages
Guest Blogging
Article Posting
Related Posts
Topic Research
Video Marketing
Professional Networking
Social Media Marketing
Paid Advertising
Profile Updates
Local Directories
Industry Forums & Listings
Professional Directories
Managing Citations
eBlast Design
Email Marketing
Segmenting Contacts
Managing Lists
Build Reviews
Reputation Management
Case Studies
Yext Powerlisting
Display Ads
YouTube Advertising
AdWords Campaigns
Social Boosts
Google Analytics
Lead Validation
Conversion Tracking

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FAQs About Our Online Marketing Services & Strategies

Online marketing is a combination of various inbound marketing strategies that result in attracting good quality leads from a targeted audience.

Rather than cold-calling potential customers (a dated and declining, outbound sales tactic), you establish an online authority and reputation that attracts (inbound) your ideal customer to your website.

You promote your brand and share content that solves your customers’ dilemmas and peaks their interest.

This is achieved through on-page SEO, social media, blogging, email campaigns, landing pages, videos, lead nurturing, and other strategies.

Yes, online marketing works for every company type, whether you're selling products or services, and in every industry.

Internet marketing brings in 3 times as many quality leads than traditional paid marketing, and costs about 62% less. Which means less time spent following up with unqualified leads and produces bigger margins per sale.

Not convinced? Check out more online marketing statistics here.

If you stay committed to the strategy we created for you, you should see a positive ROI. In fact, companies are 3 times more likely to see a higher ROI from online marketing campaigns than any other traditional campaign.

Because internet marketing services allow us to track where your sales are coming from, we can direct your budget to the traffic streams that is bringing in the best leads.

The positive results, from all the hard work that goes into your campaigns, doesn’t happen overnight. Depending on your budget, we implement various short-term and long-term strategies simultaneously.

You can start to see positive results within 30 days and see substantial results in as little as 3 months. Being patient will lead to significant rewards.

The important thing to remember is you’re making an investment in your company’s future, this is not an expense.

Social media has such a strong presence and plays a large role in the success or failure of your business. Not just with promotions and marketing, but also with customer service.

Using social media allows you to spread your online reach further and faster. If someone is engaging with your company on a platform like Facebook or Linkedin, the next logical step is for them to learn more about you via your website. Remember, everything leads back to your website in the end.

Social media drives traffic and aids in converting visitors into customers. Building up a following of people allows your content to get shared, liked, and linked to, all of which helps your overall sales.

Depending on your budget, we report to your team on either a monthly or quarterly basis. This report is delivered to you, via email, within the first week after the period completion. We then follow up with a phone call and/or screen share to go over your results, so everyone is on the same page.

We use several different tools to keep track of your progress. These include webmaster tools, Google analytics, speed test software, competitor intel, call tracking, social insights, and more.

Well, since you are already on our website, we would suggest you fill out our short internet form and our team will get back to you within 24 hours. Otherwise, give us a call at (773) 680-6952 and talk with one of our client service representatives.

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Growth-Driven Marketing & SEO Strategies

chicago seo and inbound marketing
chicago seo and inbound marketing
chicago seo and inbound marketing

With search engine marketing, your business will be directly in front of users who are actively searching for the products and services you have to offer.

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