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Why is Mobile Important for Your Business?

Given that most people use smartphones and tablets to browse the internet today, it is an absolute must for your company to have a dedicated mobile solution.

You can see from these statistics that having a website that is designed great and functions well on all devices including mobile is of growing importance. If your website’s layout is not optimized for mobile and your content is difficult to view, you will start seeing a decline in leads and sales year-after-year as your competitors scoop up your losses.

Also, search engines like Google and Bing have separate indexes for mobile sites, which means that having a mobile website designed would greatly increases your potential rankings & traffic.

Mobile statistics about smartphones

source: Ericsson

Mobile statistic about average use

source: Exact Target

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Responsive, Mobile, & Apps... Oh My!

We'll explain the difference between responsive websites, independent mobile sites, and mobile apps.

responsive sites

Responsive Site Design

Responsive sites are websites that respond to the screen size and orientation of the device that they’re being viewed on. This is accomplished using a combination of flexible grids, styles, and media queries that allow a website’s layout to adapt to it's viewing environment.


  • One website can be used on any browser and any device. This has a direct impact on your budget.
  • Less resources are spent on the website’s maintenance and updates.
  • Since there is only one website, using one domain, it’s easier for search engines to track and index the website.
  • It’s easy to share your information via one link.


  • An internet connection is absolutely necessary. If your audience is on the go, they may not have access to a wireless network for internet access. Or, users may have to rely on their cell phone’s data plan which could be an extra expense and hassle for them.
  • Responsive websites take longer to develop, because they require extra planning and layout configurations to work on all devices.
  • Using extra styling and media queries to make responsive layouts work may affect the load speed on mobile devices.
  • There is no option to view the desktop version of your site from a mobile device.

independent mobile websites

Independent Mobile Site Design

Independent mobile sites are separate versions of desktop website designed specifically for mobile devices. Essentially there is a separate sub domain or directory for the desktop website and the mobile site. The design and layout is tailored specifically for tablets and smartphones.


  • Independent mobile websites are accessible through any mobile web browser.
  • They don’t carry all of the bloat of the styling and media queries required to make the layout work on mobile devices. This results in quicker loading times which will appeal to your audience.
  • Mobile websites are easily found using search engines. They have their own mobile index and SEO, separate from the desktop indexing, essentially doubling your chances of ranking.
  • You can swap views from mobile to desktop, giving the user a better experience with options.
  • It’s easy to share your information via a link.
  • If you desktop site is down for some reason or gets hacked, your independent mobile site is actually on a different server and may not be affected.


  • Because independent mobile sites are completely separate websites, this may have a big impact on your budget.
  • The design and layout can be quite different from the desktop version and this requires a little extra planning and development.
  • You now have two separate websites that need to be maintained and updated. They sync just fine most of the time, but sometimes don't sync depending on the complexity or the desktop site updates.
  • If your audience wants to access your website from their mobile device, they’ll need an internet connection. Again, for viewers who are out and about they may not have access to a wireless network and may have to use their data plan.

mobile apps

Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are applications that are downloaded and installed on a mobile device. A mobile app may pull data from the Internet, much like a website, or it may download content to the device so it can be accessed even without an Internet connection.


  • Mobile apps have an interactive user interface which means it is highly customizable by the user.
  • They also have the ability to take advantage of a mobile device’s features like location services, the camera, notifications, pictures the calendar, etc.
  • If mobile apps download content to the device, then they are not reliant on an internet connection. No Internet browser is necessary and a user can access the app even when they are offline.


  • Because they are software applications, they require programmers who know how to develop custom apps.
  • The budget for mobile apps tend to be larger.
  • They are more difficult to maintain and update than websites, and they are specific to the device’s operating system such as Android and Apple.
  • Since search engines cannot track or index your app, you must rely on app store searches to be found.

Which Mobile Option is Right for You?

There is no one size fits all answer to this question. Each company must evaluate its goals, consider all the criteria, and determine the target audience.

Responsive and mobile sites have a much greater reach than mobile apps. They are ideal for users who are simply trying to connect with your business and find information about your services or products. In all, mobile sites are geared more towards lead generation.

However, studies show that mobile app users are generally more engaged. Apps that are developed for shopping, gaming, entertainment or customer service purposes may prefer a more customizable platform that offers more features. Basically, mobile apps are more for customer retention and client loyalty.

Our Experience with Responsive & Mobile Websites

Websites that look great regardless of what device they’re being viewed on is crucial to every company. Whether we use a responsive design or mobile design approach, there are factors that are common to both.

Tag Marketing’s web design process and methodology blends design, development, analysis, and customization to bring you the results you desire. We make sure your website functions as intended by testing it on multiple devices and cross browser platforms.

designing a responsive website

Designing a Responsive Website

WordPress is an open source platform that is used to create some websites. WordPress has the advantage of utilizing themes that are fully responsive down to mobile.

If you’re interested, you can view our portfolio of responsive WordPress websites here.

The Bootstrap framework is the most popular front-end framework for developing responsive websites. This framework easily and efficiently scales websites, from phones to tablets to desktops using fluid grids and CSS media queries.

If you’d like to view a website built using the Bootstrap framework, you already are! Tag Marketing’s website is a responsive website built using Bootstrap. Here is another example of a Bootstrap responsive website:

designing an independent mobile website

Designing an Independent Mobile Website

The Duda Mobile platform is our go-to platform for creating independent mobile websites. This specific platform makes creating mobile websites quick and efficient. You also get SSL encryption included with your mobile site. Not to mention Google is partnered with them, and that never hurts.

Here’s a brief list of a few clients that we've developed dedicated mobile websites for:

Creative, Expertly Designed Mobile-Friendly Websites

Creative, Expertly Designed Mobile Websites By Tag Marketing

If you don’t have a website that is mobile-friendly or has usability issues, don’t wait any longer. Let us create a mobile solution that will increase your reach, generate more leads, and delight your customers.

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