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Gregg Owen, CEO/General Counsel
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Rapid Growth - B2B Software as a Service (SaaS)

12 Month Marketing Case Study.

website lead generation statistic for case study
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Month Over
Month Growth

$41:1 ROI

software web and marketing case study challenges


  • Not Getting Found Online
  • No Lead Nurturing Process
  • Low Customer LTV
  • No One Knew Who They Were Or What They Offered

software web and marketing case study strategy


  • Build Website from Ground Up
  • Create a National Presence
  • Turn Existing Customers into Referral Machines
  • Increase Month-Over-Month Revenue
  • Retain & Engage Current Subscribers
  • Establish Authority & Trust In The Auto Industry
  • Align Sales & Marketing

software web and marketing case study execution


software web and marketing case study results


  • $41:1 ROI
  • 10% Month-Over-Month Growth
  • Increased Qualified Leads By 434%
  • Reduced Website Bounce Rate By 60%
  • Increased Brand Awareness Across All 52 States in 3006 Cities
  • Sessions went up 345% and Users Skyrocketed 245%

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