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FREE Consultation online marketing case study for ecommerce B2B wholesaler

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FREE Consultation online marketing case study for ecommerce B2B wholesaler

COVID-19 Ecommerce Marketing Case Study

Pure n Natural Systems

Online Results

Y-O-Y growth from March to May 2020


Y-O-Y growth from March-May 2020 during the worst part of the COVID-19 pandemic



Year-Over-Year growth January-April 2020



Increase in transactions



Increase in average order value

eCommerce web and marketing case study challenges


  • Vendors closed down and we couldn't get some of our most popular products in stock anymore
  • Returns were skyrocketing because orders were taking too long to ship or items were going out of stock super fast
  • Our customers were mostly B2B and lots of businesses closed down or stopped spending money

eCommerce web and marketing case study solutions


  • Refocused our strategy and messaging
  • Reallocated marketing budget to other channels that were now performing better
  • Identified businesses that were still open and promoted the items they needed most to keep their staff and customers safe
  • Targeted more residential items our audience needed during this time to keep their families safe

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eCommerce Case Study - National B2B Wholesaler

Online Marketing Case Study Only. Doesn't Include Offline Sales (Trade Shows, Walk-ins & Phone Orders).

eCommerce B2B online marketing case study

$10,000 / year in online sales to...

$100,000 / Month

$25:1 ROI

bags of money
eCommerce web and marketing case study challenges


  • Capturing Customers Near Storefront
  • Expanding to Chicago
  • No One was Finding Them Online
  • User Experience Made it Hard to Make Purchases Online
  • Needed To Reduce Phone Calls On Staff To Free Up Time
  • Customers Were Having Difficulty Finding Products
  • Reorders Were A Pain, Customers Had To Start From Beginning Each Time
  • Low Profit Margins On Top Selling Items, Very Competitive Market

eCommerce web and marketing case study strategy


  • Fix Website & UX
  • Create a Local Presence
  • Concentrate on Higher Margin Items
  • Develop A Reward Points System For Online Users Only, To Convert Phone Sales Into Online Sales And Separate SOS From Competitors
  • Make The Website Reflect The Catalog For Easier Reference
  • Add Meta Data And Tags To Each Product So They Show Up In On-Site Search Results
  • Develop A Reorder Button For Quicker And Easier Shopping
  • Decrease Cost-Per-Acquisition And Promote Higher Profit Margin Items

eCommerce web and marketing case study results

Online Results

  • $25:1 ROI
  • Increased Online Sales From $10K/Year to $100K/Month
  • Customers have stated & data has proven Products Are officially Easier To Find & Reorders are easier to make
  • Boosted Brand Awareness In backyard, Chicago & Lisle, IL
  • 21% improvement in year-over-year conversion rate
  • 10% transactions & 6% Average Order Value Increase year-over-year

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