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How Effective Is Yext for Local SEO Campaigns {Infographic}


Yext is a powerful tool for local SEO and a centralized hub for your link building campaign. Yext local puts your business on the map from one cloud-based portal (there’s only 1 username and 1 password) so you can access it online wherever and whenever you want. Yext Powerlistings are essentially an easy way to buy over 70 high quality inbound links to your website without the risk of getting penalized by Google.


  • Save time, money & aggravation
  • Get 70+ high quality inbound links in about 30 days
  • Faster updates, less downtime
  • Trackable data with analytics
  • Review & reputation monitoring
  • Smart address formats & multi-lingual content support
  • Build brand awareness and dominate your local area
  • App directory with 26 pre-built integrations into Salesforce, Hubspot, Zendesk & more
  • Stand out with extra features such as pictures, feature message call-to-action, videos, menu and service pages, and more.
  • Yext Listings and Pages ensures the authenticity of your profiles on your own site and on more than 100 key citation sources, maps, apps, directories, search engines, and social media networks


  • According to foot traffic research from Google: 76% of people who use location search on their mobile devices visit a business within a day. And of those people, 28% make a purchase!
  • Yext conducted a survey of 31,000 locations and found that businesses who include enhanced content received 416% MORE listing views.
  • In recent research about local listings conducted by YEXT: 95% of all survey respondents reported finding incorrect information about a business that they were searching for online. 63% reported that this had happened “many times.” 91% indicated that finding incorrect business listings has impacted their customer experience. More than 1/3 of these respondents stated that it had a “SIGNIFICANT IMPACT.”
  • 99% of the time the brand name will rank in the number one spot for any and all variations of brand keywords.
  • 70% of consumers are willing to share their location information if they believe they are getting something of value in return.
  • A recent Google NAP study shows that 59% of consumers use Google to locate a local business, and 71% of those searchers value the information contained in the search results.


An independent study by Forrester Consulting quantified the following benefits from Yext’s Location Data Management solution over a three-year period:

  • ROI = 169%
  • Location data management efficiency: $1,487,151
  • Net benefits: $933,421
  • Payback period: 5 months

“Definitely worth the cost. I used to try to manage all these listing by myself, this saved me more in labor time in a week than it cost for a year.”– Ken C.

“Awesome service. My listing jumped to the top of the listings. I love the service they give us.” – Sal C.

“Yext helped me realize what a problem we had with misinformation old info and we were not reaching the public fully and that some things were not user friendly. They even helped as much as they could with things that was not of their concern. After they got me hooked up, I got two new customers right away and it definitely came from them, I had a deal that they only at the time was running for me.”– Terry B.


Our vote is YES, Yext is worth it! The Yext Local SEO tool has proven itself to us over the years and the abundance of positive statistics speak for themselves. Our clients usually see a return on their investment within just 3 months.

We use Yext for our clients and our very own business as well. It’s value is unmatched by any other local SEO campaign or link building strategy, and truly gives companies like yours the best bang for your buck.


Since we partner with Yext, we can get you the best package & value for cheaper… ONLY $700 for the first year and $800 each year there after (MSRP $999/year). That’s a SAVINGS OF $199-$299 EACH YEAR! Our price includes full setup, professional optimization and there’s no obligation to renew if you don’t see the benefit.

If you need help with link building, local marketing, or your SEO campaign please contact Tag Marketing today at 773-680-6952. We have the knowledge and experience to reach your business goals faster and beat out your competition.