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The search engine optimization experts at Tag Marketing will go over what you can do while your SEO is building momentum and the strategy is getting executed. Each of us has well over a decade of experience.

In part one of this two-part series, we will first explain to you what to expect and how long SEO will take to start climbing to the top of Google. Most importantly, why, where things usually go wrong, and how to avoid it.

In part two, we’ll actually tell you what you can do to get results right away. Instant results from day one, day thirty, and day sixty.

Combining these proven short-term strategies with your long-term SEO strategy will produce the best of both worlds. Get cash flowing in now, with even more later.


SEO Is Worth The Investment & Time – Just Do It

Most people don’t really understand how SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works. All they know is that they need to get found on Google. So they hire a company such as Tag Marketing to optimize their website utilizing keyword and competitor research, content creation, metadata optimization, page speed, and all sorts of deliverables to drive targeted traffic, generate qualified leads, and acquire new customers and sales.

The problem is that “investing” in SEO is a long-term, slow-building solution. While it is 100% worth it, results don’t happen right away. So the question is, “What can you do to get results NOW while SEO builds?”

You have to weave in short-term strategies, and there are plenty to choose from.

The keyword here is “investing.” When you invest in something, you don’t expect to make a lot of money overnight; you expect to make it over time. It’s the same with SEO. On average, SEO results that you can actually see and measure can take 4-12 months, which is actually faster gains than most financial investments.

But still, why wouldn’t you want to gain some returns now? Especially when there are multiple ways that you can.


What Most Businesses Do – Ultimate SEO Fails

Clients and business owners sometimes think that just because they’ve paid the first invoice or started their new SEO strategy, the pot is already boiling. Actually, the pot doesn’t even have water in it yet.

Everything in SEO is in arrears. It takes time to write compelling content, get approvals, design graphics, publish the content, find the perfect keyword, write meta tags, optimize on-page, add links, cross-browser test, and submit to Google’s search index. Then, repeat.

It’s a lot of behind-the-scenes, roll-up-your-sleeves, tedious execution. Even more so if the client is extremely busy. Small delays on the front end hold up the development on the back end. Think of it as rush hour traffic.

Once that one piece of optimized content is live to the public and Google bots, it takes about 30 days to start seeing some results. In fact, it can take as long as 90 days or more, and sometimes, results are less than optimal than expected.

There are a variety of reasons why SEO results on a single piece of content or a series of content could be better.

  • Maybe Google thinks other posts or pages are just more relevant to the search performed by the user.
  • Maybe the content took too long to publish and killed momentum. This often happens when you have multiple articles talking about a topic, and client approvals delay your launch schedule or you were too late to take advantage of a trend.
  • Maybe you misjudged your audience by targeting the wrong audience or educating them on the wrong info that they don’t care about.
  • Maybe you got off track with your strategy. This often happens with shiny object syndrome, chasing too many trends or unrelated topics instead of staying laser-focused.

Just like SEO, data reporting is also in arrears. Add a difficult industry, a small target audience, or massive amounts of competition, and you will realize the uphill battle you really have in front of you.

This is just the nature of the beast. And that’s actually fine. Because that is why SEO is so valuable. If it was easy, everyone would be number one on Google. Which obviously cannot happen.

A lot of SEO is trial and error. Indeed, the ratio of failure to success is about 70% to 30%. A 70% failure rate might seem like a lot, but the 30% is what makes SEO and investments in general worthwhile.

Also, we learn from the process as the data rolls in. This is what helps you direct the strategy and align different content types to your goals to achieve that 30% success that your potential customers want and need. Waiting for SEO to develop is really about managing expectations from the beginning. Anyone who tells you it’s a quick process is lying to your face.


Scams To Avoid:


SEO causes a snowball effect

Have Faith In The SEO Gods – If You Continue To Build It, They Will Come

You have to hang in there. Weather the storm. Be patient, trust the process and the strategy, and tweak it based on what the data is telling you. Lots of business owners and clients give up when the going gets tough. But if your goal is to rank for good-fit keywords on Google, then “this is the way.”

If your goal is to stay in business for years to come, then SEO is necessary to keep high-quality leads and real sales coming in. Don’t abandon it. Don’t develop shiny objects syndrome. Trust in the tried and true SEO process.

Don’t hire a freelancer, they just don’t have the resources needed to succeed. Don’t try and do it yourself; you already have enough hats, you’ll be spread way too thin, and you’ll never have a chance to even get off the ground. Most in-house teams fail for various reasons including if there’s turnover, then the next person won’t understand how to continue on with the strategy in place.

Only work with professional agencies that have a great track record, lots of happy clients, and rockstar case studies. They are the key to an investment worthwhile with high returns and quicker results.

The value of SEO is in consistency. Consistently add optimized content that Google and other search engines take notice of so that you begin to rank higher and higher, attracting more users to your website and higher conversions. Consistency is the secret SEO sauce with each piece of new content and each bit of user engagement building on the last.

But it takes time to build it. Like the snowball effect, which is a term we use in SEO that explains how small actions can cause bigger and bigger actions, ultimately resulting in a big SEO impact

Here’s what to keep in mind while you are waiting for your SEO strategy to build. Just like Kevin Costner said, “If you build it, they will come.” It just takes a bit longer than it does in the movies. But they will come.


Part 2 – Combining Short & Long-Term Strategies For The Win

Now that you are armed with all the insight for what to expect and why. In part two, we’ll discuss the plan of action to get you the results that you need NOW and the short-term marketing deliverables that will get the cash flowing.

We’ll walk you through day one through day sixty. We’ve discussed in depth enough about the long game. Next, we’ll talk about the short game, search engine marketing (SEM).

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