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Are Printed Catalogs Dead?

The number of catalogs mailed in the U.S. fell again last year. However, when a company like Lands' End cut costs and reduced their catalog mailings, sales declined by $100 million. Why? It seems that consumers spend more money when they are shopping with a catalog in hand, even when they're shopping online.

Even in the digital age where many rely heavily on electronic-based communications, Tag Marketing believes that both a printed and digital version of your catalog is an essential tool in your marketing strategy.

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source: Kurt Salmon

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Why Is Catalog Design Important?

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Catalog Layout

No matter what the purpose, digital or printed, the key to a great catalog is layout. You may have great content for your audience, but without the proper layout, people will be less likely to want to read it. An effective layout is visually interesting, organized, and easy to navigate. Attention-grabbing graphics showcase your products or events and draw the reader to the important content.

catalog content design

Catalog Content

Once you’ve got your audience’s attention, the catalog provides them with detailed information. Perhaps that information educates how your products will benefit them, turning them into a paying customer. Or the content can highlight events, the people involved, and entices them to register or buy a ticket.

We Design Custom Catalogs for Your Needs

Brand Integration

Keeping the catalog design consistent with your company brand is important. We’ll design a catalog that will captivate your customers starting with the outside cover and keeping them engaged until the very last page.

Attract Your Audience

Tag Marketing has years of experience with product catalog and event program designs! We will help you make your catalog pleasing to the eyes of your target audience, starting with the cover. The cover of a catalog is the first opportunity to make a great impression. It should be clear, easy to read, and be visually interesting.

Content is Key

The content of a catalog is very important. It provides your viewers with the information they need, whether it’s to purchase a product or attend an event. Product descriptions are powerful selling points that describe what your product is and how it can benefit your customers. Information about event activities tell attendees what to expect, and may offer schedules for specific speeches, lessons, or classes. Finally, all catalogs should provide your contact information and a call-to-action. There’s nothing more frustrating to a potential customer than not knowing where to get additional information.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Graphics are essential to any catalog. Many studies show that images are processed by our brain much quicker than text. Also, the impression made by a visual element lasts longer. Images, paired with a product description, are a powerful combination. Images also serve a practical purpose. Including a floor plan in a catalog may be helpful to many people attending your event. A chart or graph showing how you compare to your competitors could seal the deal for a potential customer.

The Print Process

Our experience extends beyond just designing your catalog. We have worked with many printers and, therefore, are very knowledgeable with the print process. We can provide you with suggestions about paper, ink, size, and coating to ensure the end-product stands out from the rest.

From Print to Digital

We don’t stop with just a printed version of your catalog. Once the print catalog is complete, we can create a digital version that can be used in email marketing campaigns or on your website as a PDF download or Flipbook. We maximize the catalog’s reach, providing you with bigger returns and higher profit margins.

The 2 Types of Catalogs

catalog design for products and services

Product or Service Catalogs

Catalogs not only provide customers with the products or services you offer, but make those products or services compelling enough that customers want to buy them. Because your customers are going to make judgments about your products or services and your company as a whole, based on your catalog, you want to make sure that it looks polished and professional. If your catalog is lacking in visual interest, readability, and the right kind of information you’re less likely to sell your products or services the first time let alone repeatedly.

program design for events

Program or Event Catalogs

Catalogs are not just for the retail industry. They are a great way to provide your audience with information about a program or event. Whether it’s a sporting event, concert, convention, or seminar catalogs are a great tool to reach a wide audience and provide them with compelling and useful information.

Catalog Design Pricing

Pricing information for all catalog pricing



4 Page $600
8 Page $1,000
12 Page $1,300
16 Page $1,600
20 Page $1,900
24 Page $2,220
32 Page $2,880
Custom Package $


Catalogs Designed and Marketed Like They Should Be

Let Tag Marketing design, organize and layout your next catalog to start seeing a return on your investment!

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