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Years ago, as we transformed into a full-service agency, we recognized the enormous potential content marketing offered our clients to improve their search engine rankings, gain clout as a thought leader, attract website visitors and drive social engagement. Yet only 32% of B2B businesses have a documented content strategy, according to the Content Marketing Institute.

Developing a solid, carefully researched content strategy is critical for ensuring your content reaches your target audiences and makes them want to know more. At Tag Marketing, we take care of this for you, by defining measurable goals and incorporating a wide variety of tools essential for success.

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It is critical to map content to the buyer’s journey. In other words, you should always market to leads according to where they are in the sales funnel:

Awareness Stage
The buyer acknowledges they have a problem they need to solve

Consideration Stage
The buyer defines their problem and explores options to solve it

Decision Stage
The buyer makes a final decision about the solution they determine is best for solving their problem

Area Landing Pages

With content targeted to a specific city or state, area pages are perfect for capitalizing on local SEO searches. We create the page, write the content, and link it up internally within your website. To collect information about your page visitors, we set up tracking for form and call leads. And to make sure prospects can find you, we set up your Yext Powerlisting so that your business is listed in different local directories.

From there, we let target audiences know about your local presence through social media posts, paid ad campaigns and email campaigns sent to lists segmented according to city and/or state.

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Industry Pages

Getting the word out to leads in industries that your product or service could help is crucial, and industry pages do just that. We write content targeted to a specific industry after creating the landing page, complete with internal links to your website. We then SEO optimize it so that prospects in that industry will find it when they conduct a search.

We set up tracking to monitor form and call leads and let the target industry know about your product or service through email campaigns sent to lists segmented by industry, social media posts and paid ad campaigns.

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Imagine telling a captive audience comprised of your ideal target customers about how your product or service can solve their pain points. A well written, well-optimized blog post can make this scenario happen. It attracts new website visitors while increasing brand awareness. Backed by thoughtful research, our copywriters compose pieces that illustrate your expertise in the subject matter at hand and provide value to the reader.

Once the blog post is written, we then apply search engine optimization practices to bolster their chances of appearing in search results. And our work does not end there. We analyze the performance of each piece after publication and use those metrics as guidance for future blog posts.


Representing an excellent opportunity to capture customer contact information, access to eBooks can be kept exclusive to website visitors who fill out a contact form. We begin by coming up with topics, based on in-depth research, that will entice visitors. From there, we pack the eBooks with original content that is valuable to our clients’ target audiences and custom graphics that capture their attention while succinctly driving home the points of the piece.

One of the biggest advantages of eBooks is the many ways in which this asset can be distributed. We promote eBooks on your social media channels and via email campaigns designed for the segments of your target audiences that will derive the most value from them.

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Whitepapers and Expert Guides

Much like eBooks, whitepapers are ideal for capturing leads, as gaining access typically requires providing contact information. Whitepapers take a more in-depth approach than eBooks, with content backed by analysis and commentary. We conduct thorough research for the information we include in these advanced problem-solving guides and write them in a way that persuades readers with evidence and facts instead of blatant self-promotion.

Expert guides are another type of long-form content. Rather than presenting a problem and solution, guides give readers detailed instructions on how to accomplish certain tasks. The expert guides we write position our clients as experts on the topic at hand, earning the trust of their target audiences and encouraging them to seek our clients out for solutions. And we enhance the educational experience with diagrams, videos, and pictures that improve the odds they will complete the task successfully.

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Research Reports

As their name implies, research reports are educational and firmly rooted in facts. They report the results of surveys relevant to the target audience’s business interests. While it may not sound exciting, this evidence-based approach is appealing to many prospects because it is non-promotional in nature. In creating research reports for our clients, we write a concise interpretation and analysis of survey results. Additionally, we provide best practices to address the challenges discussed in the report. Visuals are the star in this type of content and with this in mind, we design images such as infographics and charts to bring the data to life.

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In a world oversaturated with content, videos stand out. Their dynamic nature makes them compelling right off the bat and they appeal to consumers’ preference for visual content. Plus, they engage two senses – sight and sound – at once to double their impact. They can be used for many purposes, ranging from generating interest among target audiences to closing deals.

We create videos in line with our clients’ brand standards, preferences and goals. And we know exactly how to obtain the largest viewership in the shortest amount of time to give you more bang for your buck. In general, people will watch and share a video more than any other type of content marketing. We know what it takes to generate the highest number of views and shares.

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Case Studies

A quiet but potent content asset, case studies showcase a client before, during and after you provided services for them. They demonstrate how your product or service improved their business in some way. And they are a budget-friendly alternative to costly original research that offers the same level of value to readers.

We write case studies about a common problem your target demographic faces, creating a piece that will inevitably appeal to them. Copy and graphics that highlight convincing data persuade readers to place trust in your solution. Our case studies also help optimize your website for user intent, as we incorporate the keywords and phrases your prospects use while conducting searches.

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Comparison Charts

We give your audience the information they are seeking by designing custom comparison charts that display pertinent facts and figures in a visual format. Website visitors appreciate getting all of the information they need in one place. Comparison charts can either be used to sell your product or service, position your brand as a thought leader or accomplish both. Regardless, this content asset will engender trust among your target audiences in your expertise.

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We give your audience the information they are seeking by designing custom comparison charts that display pertinent facts and figures in a visual format. Website visitors appreciate getting all of the information they need in one place. Comparison charts can either be used to sell your product or service, position your brand as a thought leader or accomplish both. Regardless, this content asset will engender trust among your target audiences in your expertise.

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LinkedIn Pulse Articles

In order to boost brand awareness and engagement, your company needs to be active on as many platforms as you can. This will increase the chances of qualified prospects discovering your brand. LinkedIn Pulse allows you to self-publish content in its online aggregation feed. Since LinkedIn chooses content for each member based on the behavior they have exhibited through interaction with the platform, odds are your articles will appear in the feed of those whose business interests align with your services.

We know exactly what type of content will demonstrate your expertise and perform well on LinkedIn Pulse. Whether the development process involves interviewing a thought leader at your organization or taking a deep dive into research on our own, we create content that will get people reading, liking and sharing. Additionally, we use the platform to track the demographics of the members reading your articles to obtain valuable insight into your audience.

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As a form of content marketing, infographics are powerful. They incorporate design, writing and analysis to present visual shorthand of deep data. Viewers can digest the images and brief copy points easily and quickly, which is critical in the age of short attention spans. Plus, people tend to trust facts and figures.

Our graphic designers create infographics that are pleasing to the eye, scannable and embeddable. We hand pick information that shows an expert understanding of the subject to reinforce your expertise in target audiences’ minds.

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As the largest presentation community on the Internet, SlideShare gets about 60 million visitors per month and packs quite a marketing punch. The platform allows you to upload and share media such as presentations and videos. It is particularly beneficial for B2B marketing purposes.

We capitalize on the heavy volume of traffic SlideShare receives by creating and sharing high-quality videos optimized to attract more views, likes and shares.

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Q&A Websites

You may occasionally see a link to Quora or Yahoo Answers may have shown up in your search results. Websites that allow qualified members to answer questions showcase your expertise on the subject at hand.

We save you time by monitoring questions and providing answers on your behalf. Using knowledge we gain from interviewing thought leaders at your company and other research we conduct, we respond in a way that positions you as a thought leader to prospects.

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Repurposing Top Content

Meeting the persistent demand for content can seem overwhelming, but by repurposing your existing top content, we extend its value and save you time in the process. Our copywriters and designers retool your content assets to make them bright, shiny and new for your target audiences.


At Tag Marketing, we partner with you to come up with effective strategies that surpass your content marketing goals. Your audience looks to you to answer the questions that only you so adeptly can. They count on your expertise. When you demonstrate it, you become the authority on the subject in their eyes.

We offer a broad range of services that drive brand promotion and engage your target audiences. Our priority is to strengthen every part of your sales funnel to convert more visitors into customers.

Understanding your audience and speaking to them as individuals is essential for lead generation. To that end, we use personas when developing your content pieces. Personas are semi-fictional representations of your ideal buyers. They personify your buyers’ situations, pain points and goals. We create them from the historical data we collect on your customers. We then use the personas to customize content that will help them reach their goal. It is a more human way of conversing with your audiences that uses education instead of sales pitches and hard sells.

Broadly speaking, we handle your content marketing needs in the following ways:

Content Strategy and Execution

  • Achieve client objectives
  • Industry best practices
  • Data-driven
  • Editorial calendar development
  • Content inventory and audits
  • Competitive content analysis
  • Identify and correct SEO issues

Content Promotion

  • Social media engagement with audiences
  • Paid content maximization
  • Targeted email campaigns
  • Link building
  • Keyword research and content optimization for website content


Effectively executing content marketing in-house is tough. A mere 40% of content marketers are successful at tracking return-on-investment (ROI). Fortunately, we are in this elite group. How did we get here?

The content we create always has a purpose and is always aligned with your business goals. We do not throw ideas at the wall to see if they will stick. And once we have delivered the content, we diligently analyze its performance to ensure it is getting the results it should.

Throughout the entire process, from start to finish, we leverage years of experience, advanced marketing tools and resources and solid data to give you a spectacular ROI.

Fulfill Your Content Marketing Potential.

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