Has someone told you that they have the secret sauce regarding organic SEO?

Everyone has the same sauce, it’s not an SEO secret. Google ranks trusted web pages most relative to the user’s search intent.

They might be a little more creative with the marketing, but that’s marketing, not organic SEO. It is all about keywords and phrases, focused content, fast loading, and quality linking. That is the “secret “sauce.

Tweaking how much salt you put in the sauce or which brand of a specific ingredient you use is all you can do to improve the taste to your audience’s liking. In terms of organic search engine optimization, these ingredient tweaks are the optimization of the content, source code, meta tags, and links. There are lots of different software out there that can shed some light on your weak points but they are basically all the same. The only difference really is the interface and ease of use.

So when you hear a freelancer or agency say they have the secret sauce to SEO, it is misleading. All it means is they think they have a better understanding of how search engines work, how websites convert, analyzing data, and what your target audience is looking for than you or another company.

If you want to know if they actually know what they are doing or… let’s just say full of sauce haha… is to view their online marketing case studies that lay out the traffic to conversion to sale results, return on investment, timeframe, the problems discovered and solutions executed, and their client testimonial. And even then, it is still impossible to guarantee those results for you due to the vast variables involved. If they could guarantee results or your money back, they would put their money where their mouth is.

The only real way to know if they are as good as they think or not is to try them out. But if they said they have the secret SEO sauce and mislead you right off the bat, chances are it’s a scam called the churn and burn. Bring you in, take your money, make excuses when the results don’t come in to get even more money out of you for as long as possible until you end up leaving them. Then on to the next victim.