My friend Kyle came to me and said he was frustrated.

He knows how important it is to drive traffic, generate leads, and acquire new customers on Google. It’s frickin Google he says, it’s all you hear about and see, day in and day out.

But every time we start working on our search engine strategy and knocking out blogs and trying to build links and figure out keywords we get no results. I feel like all of this SEO stuff just does not work and is a huge waste of time he said.

I told him that SEO is a long-game play, and you are right, whether you like it or not you have to play because Google isn’t going anywhere. In fact, they’re growing… always growing.

On average, SEO results that you can actually see and measure can take 4-12 months.

I told him that the average top 10 ranking page is 2+ years old and those that rank at position #1 are almost 3 years old.

I asked Kyle, how long are you executing your SEO strategy before you decide it does not work and give up?

He said, one month, maybe two tops.

I said see, you are giving up too soon. Every time you build momentum, you kill it before anything significant happens. You are your own worst enemy. Patience young grasshopper… in my best Kung Fu accent and impersonation.

We both laughed.

He said it’s a process he knows he has to go through but he just can’t afford to spend so much of his time doing it with no results to show for it. Even 4 months is a long time.

I said true, but do you see yourself in business for months or years?

He said, years of course.

I said, then focus on what you do best and run your business. Hire us to handle your SEO. We can do it better and get you faster results.

We tell our clients that they can expect results in about 3 months. Results that will continue to build momentum over time.

That way your business doesn’t suffer because you are spending all of your time moonlighting as an SEO expert, and instead, you are investing long-term in your business just like you wanted and know that you need to do.

SEO is like life insurance. It’s not sexy. You don’t want to spend money on it, but if another marketing channel you are super successful in today stop working tomorrow, this organic search channel will pick up the slack and provide a big safety net you will need to get you through it… and provide a big return on your investment.

I said, to help make the decision of starting up again easier, I can give you a discount based on when your SEO is expected to start working and driving results.

Meaning, I will give you 50% off the first 3 months because you won’t see many results during that time. I will then reduce the discount to 25% off for the next 3 months because you will see results but not the full impact yet. And after that, you will pay full price because you will be getting solid results by then.

It’s something we can do to work with you, share more of the risk, back up our work as sort of putting our money where our mouth is, and improve your ROI so SEO doesn’t feel like a waste of money & time anymore.