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The Tag Marketing Difference

Tag Marketing is a remote marketing agency that has been set up for well over a decade to handle the hit companies face when viral outbreaks and containment measures dramatically affect small to medium-sized businesses. Unfortunately, your traditional brick-and-mortar marketing agencies or in-house marketing teams will be playing catch up on your dollar when timing matters most. Don’t risk your businesses’ survival or your employee’s livelihood, get the help you need right now from experienced, disciplined, efficient, well-trained remote marketers who have been set up for success long-term.

Key points on how Tag Marketing is ahead of the industry and already set up for situations like this coronavirus and quarantine period:

  • Our company is completely remote. There is no brick & mortar office that forces employees and/or clients to drive out to and spread sickness at.
  • We have been perfecting and streamlining remote processes and procedures for well over a decade now.
  • Remote working infrastructure has been in place with project management software, training platforms, time tracking apps, screen sharing technology, in-home private rooms dedicated solely for office setups, cloud & hard backups, file-sharing software, and more.
  • Talent isn’t GEO limited, so we can build the best team with fresh ideas that are eager to put their talents to work and help grow business after business.
  • Training and onboarding is already smooth-running and performed online with knowledge bases, support systems, strong communications, video certifications, and more.
  • Always putting our clients and employees first, that is not just a gimmick.
  • All full-time and part-time employees have paid time off.
  • Being remote lowers overhead costs that are passed onto the client, keeping our services affordable and your ROI high!


Why brick and mortar marketing agencies or in-house teams are not ready for this crisis, which spells out bad business for your business:

  • Brick and mortars along with in-house teams will be scattering to develop and implement remote processes and procedures that are untested. Meaning they will be learning how to run their business or their team on your dollar. This will also force them to cut corners, overbill, and under-deliver.
  • There is no one solution fits all approach for going remote. Only time, constant testing, tweaking, and adapting is the only way to perfect operations, reach top performance for clients, and maximize efficiency for employees.
  • All the necessary software required to be fullying remote is expensive and some of these other marketing companies or the businesses with an internal team just can’t afford the huge expense on top of the current overhead. Making them a higher risk of going under.
  • Talent is limited to a small radius around an office, making it difficult to hire new talent with fresh ideas, and very difficult to train new employees online when they’re used to looking over their shoulders all day.
  • Some businesses nowadays don’t even offer benefits such as paid time off or have strict, non-flexible policies on required notice for time off requests. Can their employees or yours afford to take weeks off of work without pay? Of course not, just like you can’t last very long without revenue coming in. Not to mention, if half the staff is sick at the same time, how can they possibly hire and train in a timely fashion to keep your marketing from suffering.
  • Since these marketing establishments and your in-house offices will be adding tons of overhead and overtime, the costs will be passed onto you or they will be forced to either reduce promised marketing deliverables or push out half-assed marketing strategies that never had a chance to hit your goals or even stay afloat.




What Tag Marketing can do to help your small to medium-sized business survive and thrive during business catastrophes like this:

  1. We can keep your current marketing company honest by auditing your marketing contracts, website’s SEO, online reputation, and local business listings. This will allow us to compare what they are billing you for verse what is actually being done. Then, you can make an informed decision to whether they are your best option moving forward or not.
  2. We can help your internal marketing team with our growth-driven consulting services, strategy building expertise, effective execution techniques, inefficiency clean up, taking over any items that overwhelm them or that are just out of their wheelhouse, process development, in-place system setups, and much more.
  3. Or you can hire us to handle all of your marketing needs. We will benchmark the results they were getting you. Onboard you fast so we can hit the ground running with a solid foundation that is properly set up for short and long-term success. Create and execute your marketing deliverables that are laid out clearly with set goal lines and laser focus. And of course, track, analyze and report on everything we do with transparency so we can work together to adapt & overcome any obstacles in real-time.


Turn Survive Mode Into Thrive Mode


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