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While pay-per-click (PPC) ads offer a prime opportunity to capture and convert leads, running successful PPC campaigns can be confusing and overwhelming to those who lack the experience and knowledge to do so.

Pay-per-click is a form of marketing strategy where managed ads are used to drive users to your business with a specific goal in mind. Whenever an ad is clicked, the advertiser pays a publisher.

PPC marketing is managed on various platforms including Google Ads (formally known as AdWords) and Facebook Business, which sponsors your ads on certain channels such as a search engine, social media platform, or third-party website. The advertiser only pays when a user clicks on an ad or makes a call from it (if call tracking is set up).

There are many different variables in pay-per-click marketing and achieving the perfect balance for success often eludes organizations that take it on in-house.


Mastering The Art Of The PPC Ad

A marketing agency that has mastered the art of creating, running, and managing pay-per-click ads can easily track and measure the results of campaigns for just about any conversion goal.

  • Using the right tools in conjunction with proper analytics and insights setup yields high-level performance data. Think clicks, impressions, conversions, and sales.
  • The performance of PPC campaigns needs to be tracked and analyzed frequently at various data points to judge whether or not the quality is good and decide what needs to change to improve results.
  • Analytics and sales platforms with dedicated landing pages help determine the amount of money spent on each campaign or ad and whether or not the results align with your marketing goals and budget.


Getting It Right Is Our Specialty

Well-executed PPC campaigns can attract consumers in a short period, by casting a wide net that expands your reach beyond the targeted audiences that are already aware of your products or services.

The Tag Marketing team has about 20 years of experience in executing and managing marketing campaigns that produce a high ROI for our clients. Pay-per-click ads are no exception and perform best when tied into a larger strategy.

We follow a meticulous pre-launch process that ensures your campaigns will be successful:

  • Set a concrete goal for your campaign with metrics you want to hit.
  • Analyze and learn from your competitors’ campaigns.
  • Target audiences at each stage of the buyer’s journey to ensure your ads are reaching the right people, in the right place, at the right time.
  • Conduct thorough keyword research that includes relevant search terms, ideal parameters, and both long-tail and short-tail keywords.
  • Set up your campaigns with full tracking abilities, transparency, and proper conversion paths that make it easy for your sales team to take over and manage from their CRM.
  • Manage both your daily and total campaign budgets to avoid exceeding them.
  • Track the conversions that are most relevant to your campaign goals to give you full visibility into how well your campaigns convert after they are launched and provide insight on how each ad needs to adapt for even better success.
  • And much more.

Different types of pay-per-click campaigns offer their own elements such as pricing, features, benefits, and product or company branding. Due to our expertise, we know that to execute effective PPC campaigns, we must always take into account campaign type and ad focus.


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