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Templated Website Pricing Packages

A stunning, quality website built off a WordPress template that’s perfect for bloggers starting out, unfunded startups, and small nonprofits. All of our templated website pricing packages are responsive (from desktop down to mobile devices), SEO-friendly, and adhere to the latest website and browser standards.Best of all, they look and function better, get completed faster, and are cheaper than renting a website from builders like WIX, GoDaddy, and Squarespace because you own it!

WordPress Pricing & Packages As Low As $250/Pg

If you are viewing this page about web design, most likely you have a website, but it is underperforming because you did it in-house or hired some lowball web designer. Or you are a business owner who realizes that you will not make it in Indiana much longer without a website.Restart your engines! This Indiana state slogan applies perfectly to the business landscape In Indianapolis. Businesses that do not drive marketing efforts to their website will lose the race. In order to compete in the business sector, you need to get your website designed and maintained by marketing professionals. Doing so will place you in the winner’s circle. The resulting success of your business is worth the investment!

eCommerce Website Pricing Packages

A sales-driven, high-quality eCommerce website designed and developed in WooCommerce, Shopify, or another platform. All of our eCommerce website pricing packages are responsive (from desktop down to mobile devices), SEO-friendly, and adhere to the latest website and browser standards.

Statistics To Ponder

Indiana businesses without a website, pay attention:


48% of people cited that a company’s website is the #1 factor in determining the credibility of a business, according to Blue Corona.


Outbound leads (such cold calls and purchased) cost on average 61% more than inbound leads through your website according to Hubspot.


47% of buyers view at least 3-5 pieces of content before deciding to speak with a sales rep, according to Weidert Group.


Roughly 39% of all purchases worldwide originated from an online search.


There are 73 web design companies and 90 web designer jobs in Indianapolis alone to keep up with growing demand.

Indiana businesses who are sold on the idea of having a website but made the mistake of not letting the marketing professionals handle it:


A study found that 94% of negative survey feedback was related to their website’s design.


41% of consumers will not engage with a website that’s poorly designed and outdated, according to MotoCMS.


The losses incurred by slowly-loading websites amount to $2.6 billion each year, according to InVision.


88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a poor user experience.


62% of companies increased their sales by improving their mobile site user experience.

Indiana: Ripe With Opportunities & Challenges

Downtown Indianapolis is currently the site of over 59 projects, accounting for $2.7 billion worth of investments through 2022. Indianapolis is the driving force behind the forward momentum of the state of Indiana. The combination of this business landscape and the city’s rank as the third most cost-effective city in the nation for business has caused an explosion in growth. It has also increased competition among local businesses to a fever pitch.Indianapolis businesses face many challenges in developing, maintaining, and growing their website. As your business grows, your website must grow with it. It’s a never-ending process that can eat up many hours. Furthermore, a website designed to simply advertise your products or services will not generate leads. And you can’t even get the lead to begin with if you can’t drive traffic to the correct web page. After all, search engines like Google don’t rank websites, they rank web pages.If your website is having trouble closing the sale, most likely you don’t have the correct information on the web page to match their stage of the buyer’s journey or maybe they encountered a poor user experience on their mobile device that made it difficult for them to make that purchase or final decision.
If you don’t understand who the actual target audience is, there is no amount of optimization or marketing in the world that will give you any type of headway into the Indianapolis market.Trying to handle your web design in-house, or ignoring the fact that you need one to compete in Indianapolis, can result in:
  • A low volume of traffic to your website and less foot traffic into your storefront
  • Failure to convert traffic into leads and opportunities
  • Leads that do not convert into customers and opportunities that never make a purchase
  • A low customer retention rate and poor consumer loyalty

Web Redesign & User Experience Must Haves

Web Redesign & User Experience (UX) Must-Haves

The Solutions Your Indiana Business Needs

We have a full understanding of the issues that small to midsize Indiana businesses face. Much like you, we have worn many hats and invested lots of time and effort into establishing and growing businesses in this city and the burbs.When you let us take over your website design, you will free your time and resources to focus on running your company. We will develop a website that acts as a lead-generating powerhouse and execute design and usability strategies that achieve your business goals now and long term.
A well-optimized platform with great content is a critical marketing tool to compete in local search results. It serves the dual purpose of presenting your brand’s image and generating leads. When you invest in these services, you invest in your business’s success.Backed by decades of experience in web development and inbound marketing, our team will ensure your investment provides a measurable return on your investment that an ordinary web designer or build-it-yourself platform could never reach.

Armed With Industry Expertise & A Wealth Of Resources

Attract a higher volume of website traffic

Engage visitors to turn them into qualified leads

Convert more leads into customers

Delight customers to improve your customer retention rate

Lead Generation Case Study

Insurance Agency

Online marketing case study. Doesn't include our assisted offline sales and renewals.



in New Visitors
Old: 4,663 Visitors
New: 11,439 Visitors

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Old: 1.47% Conv Rate
New: 3.29% Conv Rate

in Leads
Old: 245 Leads
New: 804 Leads

The best decision we’ve ever made. Tag Marketing met or exceeded every benchmark.

Jack H., CEO – Compass Insurance Agency

Indianapolis WordPress Website Design Services

When Tag Marketing creates a WordPress site for you, we fill in the gaps that your Indiana competitors don’t even realize exists and unlock the full potential of the custom content management system (CMS) champion.

Before & After

Thanks again guys! I own several businesses and Tag Marketing takes care of them all from the print materials to the online marketing and websites. We have partnered up for years now, reaching goals and taking names.
Jamie Lendway, Owner – Ivanhoe Capital Advisors

Move the slider arrows to see the website’s before and after.

Ivanhoe Capital Website Redesign - BeforeIvanhoe Capital Website Redesign - After

Before & After

We are grateful to have Tag Marketing on our side. Very responsive team with a versatile skill set to handle anything you need.
Martin Rajman, Manager – SMT Machining

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SMT Machining Website Redesign - BeforeSMT Machining Website Redesign - After

Before & After

My experience with Tag Marketing was stellar. Our website re-design process was easier than I could have ever imagined. I really like that they have different staff who excel in different things, making every process seamless. I highly recommend.
Christina Anderson-Heller, Marketing Director – Lynfred Winery

Move the slider arrows to see the website’s before and after.

Lynfred Winery Website Redesign - BeforeLynfred Winery Website Redesign - After

Indianapolis Ecommerce Development Services

Tag Marketing knows online shopping inside and out and it all starts with choosing the correct eCommerce platform. Customization, integration, and competitor analysis is the key to earning Indiana residents’ trust and cash. We transform data points into an organized development strategy to execute a goal-breaking eCommerce site that grows with you.
eCommerce Website Design

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