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My name is Megan Oster and I am a Copywriter at Tag Marketing. I recently joined the agency after nearly 20 years as a professional writer.

I developed a passion for writing at a very early age. As a pre-teen, I spent hours writing stories, poems and songs after school and on the weekends. Based on my love of writing, I graduated from Denison University in 2000 with the intent to become a journalist. I remained in journalism for nearly 10 years and initially transitioned my career into public relations. However, I quickly realized that marketing was where my interest lay and in 2012 I accepted my first job as a marketing copywriter. I have been researching, writing, publishing and promoting content marketing pieces since. I also possess a great deal of experience in writing SEO optimized copy.

One of the most satisfying feelings, for me, is the knowledge that I have done exemplary work on a project and delighted one of our clients. I thoroughly enjoy writing in different brand voices and to a variety of personas.

I am an animal and nature enthusiast. A perfect day for me is spent at the zoo or watching wildlife in the woods, on the beach or even while sitting on the porch. I have a special interest in birds in particular, especially hummingbirds and bald eagles. Running is one of my other passions. No, I have never run a marathon, half marathon or 5K! I deliberately avoid these organized races because I never want running to become a chore.

I want to travel just about everywhere in the world. India, Spain, Portugal, France and Italy are just a few of the many countries on my travel bucket list. I cannot get enough when it comes to different cultural experiences. I absolutely love trying new types of food and experiencing different cultural activities.

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