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The key to organic lead generation starts with organic traffic and what your audience is searching for on Google. Search engines are smarter than ever these days. Keyword searches are designed to pull up as much information as possible relating to the phrase or topic the user entered. Organic Google searches help the potential customer in finding the information they are looking for within their search index. This is the approach your B2B company should be taking as well, in finding and targeting your customers.

Putting your customers first will maximize your organic traffic and in return generate high quality leads. This is how:

  • Making your content relevant and relatable to customers.
  • Focusing on the quality of the content.
  • Being able to give as much information to the customers as possible in a clean & clear way.
  • Focusing on benefits to that customer over features.
  • Keeping your customer engaged in your material.
  • Providing a simple way for a viewer to get more information and utilizing anchor text Call-to-Actions (CTAs) that bring them directly to a contact form, download page, etc.


Displaying Your Content

When writing your content, make sure it is attracting quality customers who make buying decisions. The nature of your content will entice the right customer base, where you are able to convert them from a viewer into a customer. Accessing their needs and being able to solve their issues are the main focus on being successful in organic searches and driving more organic traffic. You can start doing this by answering the questions they search for via Google.


Analyze Your Content From The Customer’s Point Of View

Once you have a viewer on your web page, you want to start building trust with them. They are in search for as much information about the related topics as possible and they don’t always want to be hard sold. By relating to the customer’s concerns and being able to provide solutions to them, you will essentially form a good relationship with the customer. Ultimately, turning that organic traffic into a lead generation machine.

If their questions are answered fully and honestly, you can continue connect with them as they to read more content from your web pages or blog posts. We can’t say this enough, it’s not always a hard sell!


Talk Like A Customer, Not Like A Business

Customers do not like to be “sold” on something. They don’t want to hear how awesome your business is, or how they “need” what you have to offer.

So instead of “selling” them, Put yourselves in their shoes by answering the questions you know they want to hear. Educate your potential customer about how your B2B products or services will benefit and provide value to them, from a non-bias perspective, and let them respond to you after weighing their options. Don’t pressure them, let them make their decision based on the information you provide to them.

Knowledge is power and by being the one providing the education, you are empowering your audience to be more confident in their choice and they will look towards you as that trusted choice when their ready to make the purchase.


Use Anchor-Text CTAs

No matter how big and flashy your CTA’s or banners are, we ignore them, because we don’t want to be sold, right? So, wouldn’t it make sense to put the CTA in the middle of the content? Well, Yes! This is a subtle, and very effective way to add content, because it is simple and relevant information without being pushy or cause any interruption in the material they are already reading.

By adding a different font, spacing, and color, it can easily be read through without even knowing it’s there, Take this for example:

This recipe for my gluten- free veggie pizza is healthy and flavorful, perfect for parties or just a night with the kids.

If you want to find more recipes like this you can find them in our FREE Cookbook Of Top-Rated Pizza Recipes your family will love!

This is a simple and delicious way to enjoy a healthy and delicious pizza for everyone!

See how simple it is? You didn’t realize it was a CTA, because it flows naturally and is relevant to the topic, yet is an effective way to get the viewers to want to click the link to download or learn more.

When using a CTA, you want to make sure that the topics are related to the search the viewer is interested in reading more about. If it is an article pertaining to a vegan lifestyle, you wouldn’t want to advertise for a steak restaurant. This will obviously not interest your viewer.


The Takeaway

B2B companies need to start maximizing their organic traffic from blogs and web pages by turing them into an organic lead generation machine that answers sought after questions and solves viewer’s problems. Remember to avoid the “selling them on your business” tactic. Help your viewers make the right choice based on what they learned from you, the expert. The more informative and relatable your material is to them, the more they build trust in you and feel empowered when making their actual purchase choice.

If you need help understanding the buyer decision process, targeting customers with a content marketing strategy, or converting organic leads just give Tag Marketing a call now at 773-680-6952. We’re here to help your B2B company reach its goals and we are want to grow with you. We have several office locations within Illinois including Bartlett, Roselle, Chicago & Brookfield.



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