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With the advancement of accessible technology, it’s easier to find good quality web developers and designers to help you redesign your company’s website. But before you start looking for a designer, consider the time that it will take before you can launch a successful website, as well as, the budget that you want to set aside for this project. Learn how to properly calculate the cost of website redesign.

Calculating Time Spent On New Website Design

How long does a website generally take to create and redesign? That all depends. What type of website do you want to create? Do you want a custom design? Building a website can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months, depending on the complexity of the website that you desire. There are two types of designs that will also determine the length of time on the project: traditional web design and growth-driven design.

  • Traditional web design is considered a “one-time deal” with developers and designers, which can take an average of 4-6 weeks for a good quality website.
  • Growth-driven design is considered a more efficient way for website redesign because you will be working with your web developer and designer frequently for several months, making sure that the website is working properly after launch.

Tip: Remember that the process for web redesign itself can take time for a good quality website. If a developer promises to have everything finished with just a couple of calls and only two weeks of work before the launch date, then do not expect to receive a high quality website.


4 Things To Consider When Calculating Cost Of Redesign

A website redesign can easily cost a couple thousand dollars. A simple website can cost about $500 while a complex design can reach six figures. On average, you can expect to pay around $2,000 for a semi-custom website and around $12,000 for a full-custom website. There are four factors that you should ask yourself when determining your budget:


1. Skill

Generally, you will be paying more for experience. The cost will increase if you consider working with a web design team that has a proven track record, and designers that have experience with in-depth knowledge of a specific industry may also charge more. If you want someone who is going to provide you the best quality website out there, be prepared for a price hike.


2. Functions

Do you want your website to have a unique function, such as e-commerce or an online forum for users? Special plugins and additions to a website, such as user registration, live chat, and other non-standard or custom features will take more time and expertise to create compared to a simple blog or landing page website.


3. Content

When redesigning your website, you also need to consider “hidden tasks” involved which will drive up cost. Your content on the last website, for example, may not work for new website design. Images may be too big or do not load properly in the new redesign, or backlinks may not function the same way with a new theme. Also, what is the point of a fresh new website, if your content is outdated. Consider that you may be spending additional time with the developer or designer in making sure that your older content is successfully working with the new site.


4. Maintenance

With any website, there is always more to work on or look over after a website is launched. With a growth-driven design, your developer may be checking in every month for the next year to ensure all functions are working properly. However, with a traditional web design, you may be stuck looking for a new developer two years down the road. You have to weigh out the pros and cons to figure out what is appropriate for your company and consider future costs.

Another important note is to make sure that your domain is continuously renewed and registered so that no one else can take it, or you may have to say goodbye to any website redesign that you’ve worked on. Remember that these prices are not set in stone when you speak with your developer or designer, but also understanding the process of creating your perfect website may help you determine the best budget for you. Keep in mind, if you bundle an online marketing plan or SEO strategy with your web design, it will generally save you about 10%.

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