Don’t Fall For The “We Guarantee Page 1 Rankings On Google” Scam

Here’s why:

No one can guarantee page one rankings because Google is dynamic, you don’t always get the same result twice.

Then factor in keywords. It is easy to rank on Google’s page one for noncompetitive keywords with low search volume, which is what some scammers do.

Examples of easy ranking keywords include:

  1. Rare niches – “goat yoga mats”
  2. Your brand/company name that you would rank naturally for anyway – “Lynfred Winery”
  3. Phrases no one says anymore or searches for – “milkman delivery services”
  4. Something hyper-targeted – “Google shopping ad services in South Elgin, IL”

I suggest you do your own quick search on Ubersuggest for free to view how many searches that keyword/phrase is getting before you pay someone to rank for it.

Another way they might scam you in order to guarantee those page one rankings is via Google ads. This is when you pay-per-click and they can set the bid so you end up on page one. They can even set the max bid to guarantee you a top-ranking spot.

These bought rankings stop though as soon as the money runs out, and as you can imagine, your budget will drain quickly with this scam.

On top of that, PPC companies and freelancers charge an ongoing maintenance fee which makes it even more expensive in the long run than normal white-hat organic SEO would cost.

Ultimately, organic search engine optimization is a slower process but it keeps building your Google PageRank over time. When properly combined with pay-per-click ads, you will get the best result (both short-term and long-term) at the lowest price. It just takes some focus and patience. The Google page one ranking is not guaranteed however.