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Follower count has a lot to do with impact and reach of your content or message. There are lots of really good strategies and resources on, what works and what doesn’t, when it comes to getting more followers. These strategies below are the top ones to pay attention to for consistent growth of your social media presence.

Top 5 Ways to Optimize Follower Growth

  1. Post high quality content that is shareable and unique.
  2. Engage with followers, influencers and industry leaders.
  3. Use relevant hashtags based on your industry, product or service.
  4. Stay active and post specifically to your followers.
  5. Follow relevant users and trends within your industry.


Informers vs. Meformers

Are you an informer or a meformer?

Meformers are users who post social media updates mostly relating to themselves, while informers are users who post more informational content that their audience is searching for.


How does this relate to gaining more followers?

Informers had more than double (x2) the followers of meformers. Make it a goal to boost your educational sharing on social media so you can get more followers, keep them coming back, promote sharing, build brand awareness, and increase sales.


Become a Guru on Social Media

What do Barack Obama and Katy Perry have in common? They are leaders or public figures in their respectable industry. And it’s not just “fame” that can get you more followers. Many different types of authoritative titles, such as author, expert, founder, and official, can help boost your follower count.

Develop quality content and use visuals to become an authoritative figure in your industry. Then mention this in your profile bio or about sections. These can be creative tools to help get more followers and produce more sharing.


Retain Followers While Gaining More

Part of having lots of Twitter & Facebook followers, is knowing how to keep them following you and staying engaged. Through analysis and interviews, research has found that these factors came into play with users unfollowing company pages:

  • Sharing too much information from your personal life.
  • Posting too often in a short amount of time (also known as “bursts”).
  • Posting about unrelated or inappropriate topics.
  • Giving your opinion too often.
  • Promoting your company too frequently.

To get a lot of followers, minimize the number of those who unfollow you. Don’t waste time going after unqualified people that don’t fit into your target audience. Avoid bursts of tweets or posts throughout the day. Don’t posts about politics, religion, mundane topics, and long rants. Stay away from social scams where you pay and get promised x amount of likes and followers. Give your profile and posts some personality, and give your audience a chance to provide feedback and ask questions. Stop over promoting your company, service, or product!


Create Special Offers & Giveaways

What are your followers really after? Nielsen Research conducted a study for Twitter back in March 2014, and they discovered that one of the biggest reasons for someone following you included special offers, promotions, freebies, and exclusive content. Give things away! Twitter users are more likely to follow a brand if they get some goods and/or exclusive benefits. Just don’t overdo it or they will lose their appeal.


Post More Consistently

Those who post more frequently, simply put, get more followers. Lots of tweets, posts, and shares equal more:

  • Experience – learn what works and what doesn’t, specifically to your audience.
  • Activity – keep users engaged, clicking, and sharing.
  • Longevity – keep followers coming back, promoting your content, extending your reach, and increasing sales.

Posting to social media often and consistently is a dependable strategy. You’re bound to get better, become more noticed, and be appreciated as you stay connected. A general rule of thumb for social media publishing is 4-6 times a day on Twitter, twice a day on Facebook, and 2 times a week on Google+ and LinkedIn.


Be More Positive Than Negative

The tone and voice you have on social media really does make a difference. Therefore, it’s no shock that negative remarks are tied to lower follower counts.

Share and respond positively! Avoid creating negative social media posts that come across as sad, aggressive, angry, cynical, or morbid. Users notice. They’re more likely to follow a positive account than a Debbie Downer. Also, listen to your audience. When they provide negative feedback online, respond in a positive way and try to flip a bad experience into a good one. Keep in mind that everyone is watching and seeing how you respond.


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