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Steak-ummm recently tweeted the following: “life is full of uncertainty and mystery. the more we learn the more we realize how little we know. in times of doubt and existential angst it’s comforting to know one thing for sure: frozen beef sheets are good”

Coors Light’s Made To Chill campaign plays well to the social distancing aspect of the coronavirus pandemic: “The Official Beer of Drinking in the Shower.” The accompanying image to the Coors Light campaign is of a person whose pants are down around their ankles while in the shower. It strikes a lighthearted, humorous tone that is playful rather than offensive.

Humor marketing strategies related to the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing protocols has been on the rise in recent weeks. Hey, everyone could use a laugh right now. What they do not need? More endless COVID-19 dribble.

What the hell do any of Geico’s commercials have to do with insurance? Nuthin’. This is no coincidence, it is a humor marketing strategy. We could all use a laugh right now. It is human nature to gravitate toward humor when going through an uncertain or otherwise difficult time.

Marketing is no exception. The strategic messaging you put out right now must not just promote your business, it must make your business stand out from the crowd. If it does, you will gain an advantage over your competitors. Why? Because the more visible your business is to potential customers, the more likely they are to choose you – now more than ever. That said, you must be mindful of your target audience and ensure that it is appropriate for them.

4 ways you can infuse your marketing strategy with humor during the coronavirus

1. Use Humor In Advertising

Start off with a small audience and try out the ad on them first. Run A/B tests and pay careful attention to the results. This way, you can avoid offending a large percentage of your target audience.

2. Sprinkle It Throughout Your Marketing

You do not have to go full throttle with humor as a strategy. Use it as an accent in the serious pieces you create. When you season your marketing efforts with humor instead of drowning them in it, you come across as relatable while establishing your brand as a professional thought leader.

3. Align Humor With Your Brand Identity

Sharing a funny meme is okay every once in a while, but you do not want it to make up the bulk of your marketing strategy. You should stay on brand even when you are being humorous. All marketing, even funny marketing, is a representation of your business. During the creation process, make sure it aligns with your brand standards. The importance of this is no laughing matter – pun intended!

4. Simple & Short Is The Best Strategy

The punchline of your humorous marketing efforts should always be obvious. This is the ultimate litmus test of whether it is funny or not. The audience should not have to think hard about what you are getting at and they should not have to spend more than a minute or two digesting it. Keep these pieces simple, short and to-the-point.

If A Cute Hat Gets Great Results, Imagine What You Can Do With A Full Costume!

Hey, we will not judge! Regardless of your preference, making people laugh right now is the key to sparking engagement with your content:

  • Make your ads funny
  • Go easy with humor; it is a seasoning, not the whole enchilada
  • Stay on brand through the jokes
  • Keep it simple, stupid – oh, and short, too

He who makes the first joke will get the last laugh. Beat them to the punch by injecting a some humor in your marketing strategy and watch them start paying a lot more attention to your brand.

Make sure the joke is not on you by doing it right. If you are uncertain about how to do this, Tag Marketing is here for you. Our FREE ebook below offers guidance on humor and other marketing tactics to use during and long after the coronavirus.

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