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Lackluster Reviews Were Not Appetizing

A restaurant with two locations was struggling with less than ideal online reviews due to a number of factors.

Successfully executing online reputation management for restaurants is very challenging due to all of the dynamic variables including staff, pricing, atmosphere, food and drink items and wait times.

Lackluster Reviews Were Not Appetizing & Were Hurting Our Restaurant

The high volume of total reviews submitted made it difficult to change their star rating for the better because doing so requires a high volume of positive reviews. In general, it takes 40 positive reviews to undo the damage of one negative review. Additionally, diners reviewed the wrong location sometimes, and not always favorably.

Aware of how important online reputation is for a business, the restaurant turned to Tag Marketing to repair its own.


A Recipe For Success

We took a multi-faceted approach to improve the restaurant’s image online that incorporated advanced, automated software, social media and review submission requests.

Focusing on the “big three” of review sites, we targeted Google, Yelp and Facebook, along with building a page on the eatery’s website dedicated to reviews.

One of the central pieces of our efforts was a review request campaign sent via email and SMS message. Requests were sent automatically, so the restaurant management staff could focus on running their business. Requesting review submissions via these communication channels was important because people appreciate the non-intrusive nature of them.This campaign enjoyed a 16% open rate and a 9% conversion rate.

It did not end there. Utilizing social media, we published a link where customers could submit reviews about their experience at either of the restaurant’s two locations. We also set up automated publishing of 4 to 5-star reviews on their social media profiles – once per day on Facebook and twice per day on Twitter. Doing so let a wider audience see that the restaurant was worthy of their time and money.

A Recipe For Success That Worked For Our Restaurant

The page on the restaurant’s website dedicated to reviews was critical for several reasons. First, it offered another way to collect positive reviews. Secondly, it included a direct contact option for people who had negative experiences. The feedback collected via this option was not public. It gave the restaurant an opportunity to turn the negative reviews around by responding to the complaints their customers shared.

The manager of the restaurant was made aware of 1 to 3-star reviews instantly via automated text alerts. A cloud-based dashboard made it quick and easy for them to respond and try to resolve the matter to the customers’ satisfaction. At the end of each week, the manager received a comprehensive email report of all reviews. This allowed them to go over the feedback with their staff to congratulate them on their good work, take the necessary steps to strengthen weak areas and thank customers for the positive reviews.


Delicious Reviews Made Customers Want Seconds

As a result of our online reputation management for restaurants efforts over a six-month period, the number of positive reviews submitted for both of the restaurant’s locations skyrocketed.

  • Their overall rating (across all monitored platforms) went from 3.0 to 4.5. To put it into perspective, the average industry rating for restaurants is 3.7.
  • This rating is 50% better than the rating they had before they worked with us.
  • As of the present moment, they have accumulated 2,380 reviews across all monitored platforms over their lifetime.
  • 43,237 people saw their reviews online. This is important because many people actively look for reviews of restaurants online and use them to inform their decisions about where to dine or order out.

Delicious Reviews Made Customers Want Seconds At Our Restaurants

Your online reputation could literally make or break your business. Tag Marketing can ensure your business will thrive. Get a free reputation audit today.



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