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Regardless of whether the business is a small or a big one, it is very important that it ranks highly within a certain market segment. Local SEO landing pages are commonly used to help businesses increase their rankings within a given area or locality. This helps to reach out and gain access to potential clients/customers within a given geographical area.

In today’s world, businesses have the task of ensuring that they don’t just have an online presence…

…But that they rank highly in major search engines and local listings as well.

In order to earn the top spots in local search engines and places listings, here are some basic SEO landing page best practices:

  • Crafting a cleaver keyword + city name or city name + keyword to make it simple and easy for the reader to find you.
  • Readers will most likely click on the top results that appear in their search engines, so the higher you can be, the more views and clicks you will receive.
  • Use unique web content, informative wording, and creative conversation-like material to draw the reader in and keep their attention till the end or an action is made.


1- Using Unique And Informative Content

Providing great content is about being informative, unique, and use of simple language.

Design a site that will draw the reader in, hold their attention, and make a lasting impression.

  • Within the first 5 minutes, they know if they will want to keep reading, or are uninterested in continuing on. Start with asking questions, making bold statements, or getting them excited. These are great ways to capture their attention and get them interested in your content.
  • From there, you want to hold their attention by not using big words that may get them confused. Make your words conversational, so they feel like you are actually talking to them.
  • Get straight to the point! Attention spans are getting shorter as people are getting busier over the years. Provide all the information you need them to know without having the page be too lengthy or dragging out the wording, because you will lose their interest. Keep concise and leave the fluff out.
  • Lastly, finish strong! Be bold and direct in the conclusion, because this will be the lasting impression they will remember.


2- Optimize/SEO The Landing Page

Once you have the content in place, you can then think of how to most effectively use the keyword search trick for convenient access to your landing page via search engines. Searches are now even ranking landing pages based on phone numbers and addresses to identify and rank local businesses. These combinations will help in connecting you to the most viewers possible in your target area. It also allows easier identification of your company to your customers.


Local Keyword URL Tricks:

  • Keyword + City
  • Keyword + Zip Code
  • Keyword + Phone Number
  • Keyword + Address
  • Keyword + City + State + Zip
  • Keyword + Address + City + State + Zip
  • Keyword + City + Zip + Phone Number


3- Knowing Which Cities Or Towns To Target

Narrow your search areas by knowing your targeted audience

  • Don’t target too many towns or cities at once. This may be a challenge as you want to target as many people as possible, however, targeting too many at once does have its cons, I’ll tell you why in a minute.
  • Don’t be too greedy or aggressive. Instead you want to scope out the cities or towns that will bring you the most return for your business.
  • Use a unique URL if you are targeting multiple cities or towns at once, as this will enable search engines to link up to your page faster and easier.


4- Add Just A Few Locations On Your Home Page

By adding Only a Few Of your top locations, it will be clear & penalty free.

As mentioned above, there should be a fine balance of cities and towns to target. By having too few, you are not able to reach all of the viewers you would like to. But having too many, you also will not achieve the results you want either. Here is why:

  • Listing too many contact sites on your home page makes it look cluttered and can get hard for the viewer to follow.
  • Also, by listing too many you are at a big disadvantage to rank highly in search engines. Due to guidelines put into place by Google, it prohibits the use of too many contact sites listed. This reason being that Google will penalize you and filter your landing pages out of their indexing, thinking that you are spam.


5- Know What Google Wants

Helping Google Helps You – Bottom line!

Google is continuously changing their criteria on what it takes to get top ranking stature. Google alone launches about 2,500 tests per year and they leave roughly 500 of these changes implemented each and every year. You need know what Google wants at all times and the basics for designing, formatting, and publishing never change.

  • Google is encouraging local SEO and landing page designers to make their pages mobile friendly by providing customers convenient access to their business app or mobile website. The majority of people rely on mobile phones and tablets to access the internet.
  • In the past, it use to take three clicks just to read a single page of content. Today, the font, design, and content should be concise enough to be read all the info on one page without having to click to the next page.


Putting It All Together

All in all, by following these five important local SEO landing page best practices listed above, you will have the best chance of achieving top rankings in the search engines like King Google. Therefore, giving you the advantage over your competition by reaching a wider targeted audience.

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